Buddypress Developer

Wbcom Designs offers multiple maintenance packages for your WordPress powered website.

These packages assure your website stays protected with updates, backups, and a support staff that truly understands WordPress, WordPress Multisite and Buddypress Developer.

There are activity streams or Status Updates (just like Facebook). Other users can reply to someone else’s updates. They can make Groups, Forums and Blogs. And with plugins, you can take it to any level you choose to.Buddypress Developer

I am trying to use BuddyPress to build a social network for my class mates, now that I am graduating this year. (Details on the project and link later, stay tuned).

We are BuddyPress Web Developers

Wbcom Designs was established by web developers excited about offering the social web within achieve of regular companies and companies, from the local book team to the greatest companies. We believe that companies wanting to advertise an system should have the freedom to make their places under their own product, rather than developing up shop within the unique environment of another company. BuddyPress Designers is major the way in this area by building up companies and companies to make personalized, fully owned and operated and handled system sites.

Wbcom Designs is here to spread the term about BuddyPress, to cause the BuddyPress group, and to help companies build amazing, vivid places for their fans and followers.