Need a custom BuddyPress plugin?

I can help! I am  developers and designers and  have developed numerous Custom BuddyPress Plugin. I can help create any custom functionality needed for your BuddyPress social network. All custom BuddyPress plugins are built using the proper methods and procedures ensuring the plugin is as future-proof as possible. 

Professional WordPress Plugin Development

You can rest assured your custom BuddyPress plugin will be created with the highest coding standards for WordPress plugin development. If you’re going to develop your own custom BuddyPress component then a great starting point is the “Skeleton Component”. This is a bare-bones component that will provide a solid starting block for you to develop your component from.The latest version (v1.4) of the Skeleton Component for developers can now be found on the WordPress plugin repository. BuddyPress Skeleton Component.

Note: If you are building a BuddyPress plugin, please make sure you have read how to check if BuddyPress is active. This is very important – the code you need is included in v1.4 of the skeleton component.