I specialize in creating custom BuddyPress themes for WordPress

I have experience in custom design and  will work with you to design and create your custom Themes design.Already have a design mockup? No problem!


I can help you convert your design into a fully functional BuddyPress theme in WordPress. I understand the proper way to create a BuddyPress theme and will ensure your custom themes design is fully compatible with the latest versions of BuddyPress and WordPress.


How To Create Own Custom WordPress Theme

  • WordPress styles

    WordPress styles are made up of several designs information that are all included in a concept directory. When the catalog.php computer file is packed, PHP labels within this computer file fill other design information, such as the headlines, sidebar and bottom to build a complete web page.
  • Different design

    Different design information is packed based on which area the audience is surfing around, so web page.php is packed when the customer is watching a web page, and single when the customer is watching a writing.
  • Designs information

    Within these designs information are designs labels, which provide the powerful performance of a WordPress weblog. Most of these labels are easy to understand and just need placing in the right place within the HTML code, for example the tag places the headline of that particular publish wherever the PHP tag appears in the concept.
  • Grid concept

    The Love Grid concept is relatively easy and makes use of just the main design labels. It does not have a sidebar, so sidebar.php is not used. Likewise, the look for function has been left out to maintain a clean user interface, so look for.php is not required either. When building your concept it’s important to list out the types of design information you will need.