Hosting Transfer Site Migration

Hosting Transfer : The longer a web site is online the more likely it is to grow and evolve. Often that means changing to a new web host or transitioning from a static HTML site, Blogger blog, or blog to a self-hosted version of WordPress.Making this massive change, however, is such an undertaking that many site owners are too reluctant to undertake the workload that this type of change would require. Instead, many site owners will put off or avoid making these changes entirely. Unfortunately, it’s possible that this avoidance will stunt the growth of their site which will ultimately halt their future success.

Three Unique Packages Suited to Three Unique Situations

I’ve created a selection of Hosting Transfer Site Migration packages to provide a variety of different services to match your unique situation. Take a look at each of these packages and then choose the one that’s right for you.

  • Web Hosting Transfer Site

    Let us handle the hassles involved with moving your blog to a new host. I will install WordPress on your new server, transfer your database so that none of your posts or comments are lost during the move, and upload and activate your theme and plugins.
  • Basic Site Migration

    This package will allow you to go from static HTML, Blogger, or to a WordPress blog. The Basic Site Migration includes all of the features found in the Basic WordPress Installation Plan and, in addition to performing all of those services, I’ll also transfer all of your content over to your new self-hosted WordPress site.
  • Site and Theme Migration

    For starters, the Site and Theme Migration Package includes all of the features found in the Basic WordPress Installation Plan with one exception, but I will get to that in a minute. After those services are complete, I’ll next transfer your content over to your new WordPress web site. What makes the Site and Theme Migration Package really special is the fact that it allows you to keep your current site design. So, instead of installing a WordPress theme of your choosing, as I normally would as part of the Basic WordPress Installation Panckage, I will, instead, convert your site’s current design so that it can be used as a WordPress theme. It doesn’t matter if you are going from a static HTML site or a Blogger blog. Either way, I will convert your site’s current template into a WordPress theme so that the design of your site will remain the same even after the transition.