Noir (Under Construction)

Noir (Under Construction)

Noir is an HTML template that tells the world that something is going to happen. The elegant and minimalistic design has been approached with content-first in mind and will seduce your viewers to subscribe.

Blow away your viewer by choosing the black of white theme and customize it to fit your needs. Noir gracefully degrades down so older browsers and mobile devices can work with it easily.

Inside Noir you have a lot of options to customize and tell your story, just view our demo page to get a general idea of what’s possible. Apart from this, you can always add your own custom templates and style them in the clearly structured less/CSS setup.

And last but not least we’ve made Noir web app capable, this will provide you with a native-like feeling of an app. Just add noir to your home screen and see the magic unfold.

Thank you for being interested and if we can assist you in any way please let us know.

Feature list:
– black and white theme
– html5
– css3
– build with query
– Fewer files included
– minimal design
– fullscreen video background
– fullscreen image slideshow
– ready to go: PHP script that saves in DB / CSV and mail
– responsive
– minimalistic design
– content-first approach
– web app capable
– progressive enhancement
– graceful degradation
– lightweight
– social icons
– animated SVG preloaders
– updates

– Demo images by
– Video not included

Thank’s a lot!

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