Traditional Learning vs E-Learning. Which one is better?

Traditional Learning vs E-Learning. Which one is better?

Traditional vs E-learning

Learning anywhere, anytime is what a student wants. When we talk about student learning, we’re mostly talking about “long-term memory’’ through working memory is not by any means irrelevant. Learning plays a very important role in every student life.  Today in this article I’m going to discuss major differences between Traditional and E-learning. Let’s check out Traditional vs E-Learning. 

Traditional vs E-Learning. Which one is better?

Curiosity enhances learning

Yes, it is true. Curiosity plays a very important role in learning. Curiosity makes learning more effective and more enjoyable. Curious students are always active. They are always curious to learn something new. Without curiosity, Isaac Newton would never have formulated the laws of physics.  Madam Curie could never have discovered Radium.

Curiosity makes learning more awarding. It also helps students to remember the lessons that just is very difficult to understand or learn. Let’s try to make students curious so, that it helps them overall development.

What is Traditional Learning?

Traditional vs E-learning

Well, traditional education is defined as teacher-centered delivery of instruction to classes of students who are the receivers of information. Traditional education has benefited many students. It is a fact that traditional education is the best of education but it also has some drawbacks. Let us check out these ones by one:

  1. Spoon Feeding– Students are always dependent on teachers. This makes them dependent on teachers. This loses the confidence of students.
  2. Costly – Traditional education is expensive. The tuition fees are very high. Not only this, their course books and other school things are quite expensive. Parents have to face difficulty in paying tuition fee.
  3. Isolation – Traditional education make student isolated in place. They get stuck between the 4 walls of classrooms which limits their creativity to think something new.
  4. Time-Consuming In traditional learning, the students have to go long distances to reach their tuition or coaching classes. Thus this consumes a lot of time and effort and they are not able to concentrate properly on their studies.

This was all about traditional education. Let us find out what is e-learning and how it is beneficial for students-

What is e-learning?

As I discussed above, traditional learning requires physical appearance and communication skills. But when we talk about e-learning it is all about technology.

Online learning is all about individualized learning. This is a leading advantage of traditional Vs e-learning. In today’s digital world when everything is online, then why should education lack behind. E-learning comes with tons of advantages.

How Much WordPress Contributes to e-learning?

Traditional vs E-learning

When it is about e-learning then WordPress is the one and only e-learning tool for students. There are many e-learning management systems (LMS) in WordPress that helps in creating a course management system online. However, we can create an online course with the help of WordPress plugins.

Learndash is one of the well recommended and installed by millions. Learning Management system in WordPress.

With the help of this plugin, we can easily create online courses whether it is in English, maths or any other language.

LearnDash comes with some of the amazing features which includes, courses, Quizzes, lessons, topics and much more. We can create online tuition classes for students through LearnDash.

E-learning is more effective.

Traditional vs E-learning.

E-learning has definite benefits over traditional education. While the most obvious is the flexibility and the cost savings from not having to travel or spend excess time away from work, there are also others that might not be so obvious.

E-learning is beneficial in many ways-

  1. It is a very convenient and flexible option; above all, you don’t have to depend on anyone for anything.
  2. Online courses have greater reading requirements.
  3. Online Education is totally worth the effort.
  4. It’s is less expensive. E-training is virtually free once you reach the break-even point.
  5. Online courses look best on a resume.
  6. It can be easily managed for large groups of students.
  7. Web-based learning promotes active and independent learning.
  8. Not only can you train yourself on a day to day basis, but also on weekends or whenever you have the free time to. There is no hard and fast rule.

These are the basic advantages of e-learning over traditional education. Which one is good for your kid? Decide!

Wrapping Words!

Online learning is still a relatively young industry, promising future of breakthrough. E-Learning plays a very important role in student’s wall. He can not only explore more but it is time as well as cost effective for them. I hope this article was worth a read. Thanks for reading!

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