10 SEO Techniques to Use for Your WordPress Site

Writing top quality content for a WordPress site helps in getting higher search results rankings. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that just the content will make it easier for the audience to find you.  That is where Search Engine Optimization comes into light.

Search engines are what users are dependent on to search for things. The most popular and used search engine is Google. Google grades the web pages using a number of factors to list in their SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You can get number of hits if you have a higher ranking. Google provides a lot of tools that can help make your WordPress site Google friendly. Therefore, it is very important that your search engine is search engine friendly.

You need to approach SEO in two ways to get the maximum advantage – Keyword associated SEO and Technical SEO.

Keyword Associated SEO is where you use certain words that are mostly used to search a particular topic. It includes doing a research on keywords and all the things that will enable the audience to find your WordPress site more easily.

  • Doing your research on the keywords and then writing content around it will definitely help you in getting more hits. Tutorials, how-to’s, do it yourselves, mostly catch a reader’s attention and are good topics to write on. You can use Google’s keyword planner to search for appropriate keywords.
  • Incorporate links to a popular website in your content. Make sure that these links open in a separate link so that the reader doesn’t wander away from your WordPress site.
  • Add an SEO plugin on your WordPress site. There are several plugins available that you can install. These plugins help in checking your keyword density and also checks the length of the article. It also checks for duplicate content to make sure that your article is error free and is search engine friendly.
  • Keep updating older content and removing content that is a duplicate. If you have content that is a duplicate, your website will generate several results. Google prefers content that is new. Duplicate content will only lower your overall ranking.
  • Sharing is a great way in which you can get more readers and promote your WordPress site free of cost. Place social sharing button in such a way that it can be easily seen by the audience.
  • Having a lower bounce rate indicates that you have quality content. Create valid content so that the visitors spend a longer time on your WordPress site. If your article is longer say more than a thousand words, it indicates that your article is useful.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO is associated with website optimization. It ensures that your WordPress site loads quickly and has a responsive design.

  • Having a secure website is very important. People need to be sure that the website they are viewing is secure so that they can return. A reliable hosting will take care of all the security issues.
  • Nobody has time to wait for a website that takes forever to load. To improve the speed of your WordPress site you can opt for image optimization, lazy loading, minimizing CSS etc.
  • Mobiles have become an important part of our lives. The number of people using mobiles to surf the internet has increased in a great way. To cater to the audience who use mobiles to open your WordPress site, you should make it mobile friendly. You can use Google’s search console to check if your website is mobile friendly.
  • Google labels all non-HTTP websites as non-secure which asks for the visitor’s card information or any password. Therefore, it is very important that your website is HTTPS encrypted.

Create content that is meaningful and is directed at specific user intent. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and avoid including misleading content.

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