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10 Ways to Become a WordPress master in Solo Content Marketing

Content marketing is the latest trend in the digital world. But when you have the responsibilities of performance optimization, SEO distribution etc, then it becomes difficult to manage content marketing. For those who are single-handedly doing the content marketing, there are various automation tools and strategies available. Here are some of the top 10 tips that can help you to do the content marketing more effectively than before.

Use the Content Templates

To flourish in single-handedly doing the content marketing of your site, you need to utilize the content templates in a time-saving and attractive way. It’s not mandatory that all the content you write have to follow the same template, but some of them, of course, can. Create different templates in accordance with your high-quality content.

Share Content of Others

Sharing unique content created by others whom you give link back or credit, can be a great way of adding value to your own site. You can also get the same amount of traffic and social shares as on your fresh content by content curation. Be careful that in the process of content curation you don’t end up stealing other’s content.

Get Proper WordPress Hosting

If you are new in content marketing, then try not to opt for cheap hosting. A poor-quality hosting often leads to system downtime or site getting hacked. Try to go for the managed and high-quality site hosting which will help to improve the functionality of your site as well as save more of your time.

Outsource Your Tasks and Activities

When you are handling the content marketing section all by yourself, it’s best to outsource other tasks and activities to ones who have expertise on the same. You can go for the generic freelancing platforms such as Freelancer or Upwork. There are plenty of freelance services available that works on particular tasks.

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Utilize the Checklists

Make the checklists an integral part of your content marketing strategy. By utilizing the checklists, you’ll be able to ensure consistency and quality to the content you provide. Whether content marketing or any other tasks, a checklist makes all the activities easily manageable.

Repeat the Best Practices

If you know the factors that are working perfectly for your site, you need to repeat doing those. Discard the practices that add no value to your site; focus on repeating only those that has proven to be working for your site’s content marketing.

Republish Old Posts

Republishing the old contents is the best way to get more mileage from the already posted posts. But be careful that republishing isn’t all about just changing the dates; rather try to add new info on the topic as well. The Category Sticky Post plugin tool can help you in resurrecting the old contents.

content marketing through republishing old content

Use the Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can save a lot of your time in managing and promoting the content. There are plugins like the Editorial Calendar in WordPress that can help you in planning the content in advance, generating leads and attracting suitable prospects.

Repurpose the Content

Repurpose the content of your site and unleash the creative genius in you. Whip up the content and make it a PDF book through PDFForge tool, or turn it into infographics through tools like Animoto or Canva etc for excellent content marketing.

Use Automatic Content Distribution

There are various distribution and content scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, or SmarterQueue that can help you to get an idea of what type of content is in trend. Once you know the type of content that’s attracting more traffic, create or reshape your contents accordingly.

Being a single-handed content marketer is not a joke. But if you keep in mind the above-mentioned tips; your content marketing can get more and more effective, until unless you’re hiring more staff.

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