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Top Content Marketing Strategy For WP Blog Websites

Blogging offers an excellent way to develop awareness for a business. But, you can’t simply introduce a blog and publish haphazard articles expecting it will raise your sales. A proper content marketing strategy is needed for that.

Reports display that blogging aids generate 67% greater leads for B2B marketers. Nevertheless, as per the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies presently employ blogging as their marketing strategy component.

If you’re beginning a fresh business blog, there is already a lot of competition to overcome for you. And the finest way to ensure your efforts sustain is, to begin with, a nicely-executed plan.

Content marketing strategy proves helpful here.

Why Build A Content Marketing Strategy?

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A content marketing strategy is just a plan that you build to ensure your design, publish and promote content that eventually aids you with lead generation, website traffic generation, and boost sales.

This process is known as the inbound methodology. A successful marketing strategy that converts strangers into leads and then into clients. Content marketing is an essential component of the inbound methodology. Content fetches the visitors to your blog and turns them into leads. Surely, without a proper strategy, all the endeavors undertaken by you for creating videos and blog posts will go in vain.

The following tips for creating a content marketing strategy delivers solid outcomes.

Plan Your Content Related To A Buyer Persona

The initial step in configuring your content marketing strategy must be designing a buyer persona. The buyer persona involves a profile that describes your perfect customer. Its primary goal is to determine what kind of customers you wish to target with your content.

If you don’t possess a buyer persona still, go and design one. After getting a buyer persona, you can begin planning your content according to that profile to entice your ideal customers.

For instance, if your ideal customer includes a 20-year-old female entrepreneur who’s intending to begin a business, you can design blog posts with beginner-friendly tips for inaugurating a business and also discuss the issues faced by female entrepreneurs in this sector.

Planning forward constitutes the key here. You should minimum plan for 3 months worth of content to maintain consistency and impart a flow to your schedule of blog publishing.

Strive Towards A Particular Goal

The primary purpose of employing a content marketing strategy is to attain a goal. Otherwise, you can publish haphazard posts only hoping people would take a subscription to your email list or purchase your product.

It’s vital that you set a specific goal regarding your content marketing strategy. But, it must also be realistic.

As an instance, if you’ve built 1,000 subscribers in the past 3 months from your content attempts, you can decide on a goal for your following 3 months to create 20% more leads. It concerns always working for a better goal and heightening the outcomes of your marketing campaign.

Estimate Your Content Marketing ROI

Getting to estimate the success of your content is probably the most major part of your content marketing strategy. Nevertheless, it’s also among the aspects most marketers and bloggers forget to implement.

In contrast to offline marketing, the nice thing about digital marketing is that it permits you to easily estimate the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns. And obviously, you can estimate your content marketing ROI also.

Ensure you employ the proper metrics to analyze your content marketing strategy. For instance, the amount of shares bagged by your blog posts on social media is not an effective means to measure your content. Rather, measure how successful a blog post is at turning traffic into leads.

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Experiment With Various Content Types

There are different kinds of content you can add to a content marketing strategy, you can design blog posts, videos, Snapchat videos, eBooks, podcasts, and more.

Various kinds of businesses discover success in separate content types. For instance, a startup that highlights teenagers will get success with Snapchat content instead of blog posts.

So, rather than attempting to win them all, experiment with content types to estimate what fetches you the best results and invest in designing more of that kind of content.

If blog posts build more leads for your business, then attempt creating various kinds of blog posts like checklists, how-to guides, and case studies. See which kind of blog posts function best and design more of them.

Update And Reuse Your Old Content

Ask any professional marketer or blogger and they’ll always suggest you design “evergreen” content to attain the finest results from your blog.

This is correct. Few topics can fetch you more results in the future than the rest. Nevertheless, even these evergreen posts require to be updated from time to time.

Perform an analysis of your blog content every 2-3 months and view which blog posts produce lower results. Next, revamp these blog posts by bettering the quality and optimizing them for better keywords.

Ahrefs succeeded in boosting their pageviews by 468% by just updating one of their ancient blog posts. This strategy may fetch you wonderful results if done correctly.

Further, don’t halt after clicking publish on your blog posts. You can reuse your blog posts to design more content from them.

For instance, you can design a Slideshare utilizing the bullet points within your blog post. Transfer your blog post into a Medium post or a LinkedIn post by copying and pasting. Create a brief video. Or convert your blog post into a PDF ebook.

You can derive the maximum from your content in so many ways.


Whereas these tips can help you in building a content marketing strategy, keep in mind that the success of your attempts will rest on the consistency and quality of the content you design.

Even if the results are pouring in gradually, keep building great content and adhere to your content plan. Finally. It will furnish the finest ROI you can get from any marketing strategy.

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