5 Blogging mistakes your Business should avoid

Content marketing is one of the best methods to promote your business  or website. For any kind of businesses, blogging is one of the most effective ways to build a relation of trust with the customers. With more and more businesses entering the blogosphere, you need to be careful not to commit any blunders that may cause discontinuation of the readers with your blog. Here are the 5 blogging mistakes that you must keep in mind; so that you don’t end up doing them yourself.

Typographical Errors

Always remember that the content is the main part of your site. And posting your contents with typographical errors is the most unpardonable offense in the world of Web. This blogging mistake not only shows your sloppy and careless way of writing; but also displays your lack of attention towards your work details. Do you, yourself will continue with such sites that do not maintain its contents correctly? No, right, then how come others will continue with your typo errors! Typographical errors can take a lot of prospective customers away from your business.

Lengthy Content

In this fast-moving and super busy world, no one has time enough to go on with long contents. Continuing with lengthy and monotonous content is another biggest blogging mistake. Everybody wants the most functional information within the least time possible. Therefore unless until someone is a die-hard fan of your writing style; your site won’t stand a chance if you continue with such 900 words+ blogging style. Instead of writing unnecessary long and rambling posts, try to keep it short and catchy with 500 words and you’re all set for a perfect blog.

No Use of Images

A blog without images is like a blog without any appeal. Yes, it’s true. Images may not be always necessary to explain what you are writing all about or to understand the objective of your content. But they do play an essential role in keeping the viewers engaged to your site. Basically, images make the whole journey of reading your blog a lot more exciting and enjoyable. Images attract the attention of the audience. It may not explain your objective, but adds value to your content. Try to avoid this blogging mistake of not at all including images in your blog; as it can be influential in bringing in traffic and converting them to leads.

Forcing Products

Overloading your blog with marketing attempts is one of the most vital blogging mistakes. The sole purpose of writing blogs is providing the readers with valuable information. The basic reason for which any company includes blogs on their site in the first place is for attracting customers with natural and essential information. Don’t ever try to add any kind of brand promoting contents in your blog. Readers are smarter than you think and will detect your marketing attempts in no time. Forcing products to the blog readers is such a huge blogging mistake that can seriously damage the brand, instead of drawing any positive outcome.

Improper Content


While writing for a blog, you must not provide unprofessional content in any way, one of the most-done blogging mistakes. The majority of the readers prefer such contents that are relevant, fact-driven and effectively focus on the subject. The tone of your content should always show that you’re writing solely on behalf of your company. You can always write in any tone and style, as long as the client standards allow you to. Depending on the validity and relevance of your content, a blog may act to invite or drive away potential clients.

Though avoiding blogging mistakes is not the only factor to continue with effective marketing of contents; but yes, it is one of the most functional to ensure a successful business.


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Varun Dubey