5 Steps to Create an Awesome Web Design Scheme

It is often seen that a client doesn’t seem to realize how much time and effort goes into the making of a website. You need to set expectations and price things accordingly in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you do not create a proper web design proposal, the client will keep on asking for things that were not proposed during the process. The client would even continue to ask for things after the website has launched which needs to be taken care of or would lead to uncomfortable conversation. It is often tough to determine the cost of web design because the customers do not have a proper knowledge of what goes into creating a website. They think that whatever they see on some other website can easily be included in their website. Also, customers fail to understand that they need further support even after the website launches as most of them do not like to pay for that.

You need to work on all of that. Let’s take a look at all the steps that will help in creating an awesome Web Design scheme for the client.

Create an Ideal List of Questions related to Web Design

When a prospect asks for a web design proposal, you can send them your set of questions which you will include while building the website. You might include questions asking how many web pages they need for their website. Who is hosting the website? How many people will be approving of the design before the website launches? etc. It will help you in understanding what the customer wants exactly and you can always refer back to these answers if there is a need for it.

Arrange a Meeting with the Customer

Having a meeting with your customer is a very important step in the success of a project. Building a relationship with the customer and having a better understanding of what they want will help in solving most of the issues that crop up during the process of Web designing. If you do not live nearby, you can use various tools that help in face timing.

Web design plan

Create a basic Web Design Scheme

Take all the information that the customer has provided, match it with your proposition and create a list of assumptions. Out of all these, select the core focus area and list down the price of each of the core focus area like, design, content development, SEO, Web Hosting, post launch support etc. Provide the customer with enough information so that they understand how much work is involved in creating a website. Once the customer is okay with the proposal, move to your next step.

Establish Customer Expectation

Explain each area of your proposal to the customer by so as to establish customer expectations.  Explain what your proposal includes and what it does not. Make sure that the customer has clear ideas about everything.  Let them know that at times scopes might change and they might have to change the budget accordingly. Establishing customer expectations is a great step in the proposal of the web design process.

Wrap up the Web Design Scheme

Include everything that was put in the basic web design proposal meeting and incorporate it into the final scheme. Include everything that the customer said in the proposal. For instance, if they said that they do not need any post-launch support, make sure to include that in the proposal and add the end date of the work.  Doing all these will make your work a lot easier. The key to being successful is to be smart. Follow all the above steps and you should be good to go.


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