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5 Stupid SEO Mistakes That Even the Professional Marketers Fail To Avoid

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is one of the crucial factors that help in determining the ranking of your website in the SERPs. The more optimized your site will be, the higher will be the ranking, the conversion rate and also the amount of traffic. Nowadays all professionals fully understand the significance of SEO and focus on taking care of all the details regarding SEO. They pay utmost attention so that they don’t miss out on any vital SEO factor. But it is observed that even after so many precautions, they end up doing some silly and stupid mistakes. Here are the 5 stupid mistakes that even the professional marketers fail to avoid sometimes.

Not Stopping Search Engines to Crawl the Site

Professional marketers often allow the search engines to index their websites that end up greatly affecting the SEO of their sites. Therefore, it’s important that you check whether the feature of discouraging the search engines from indexing your site is on or not. Simply go the Settings option of your CMS platform and select the Reading option. Under the Reading option, make sure you tick on the Discourage option for instructing the search engines not to crawl your site.

Forgetting To Check the Potentiality of the Site Codes

Websites consist of codes. And it is the codes that determine the site’s SERPs. Forgetting to check the potentiality of the site codes is one of the most stupid SEO mistakes. The cleaner and better the codes will be the higher SEO rankings the sites will earn. You don’t need to be a developer for checking the validity of the codes. All you have to do for avoiding such blunders is to simply copy the URL of your site and paste it in the W3C Markup Validation Service’s address field.

Failing to Set up the .htaccess Files Properly

The .htaccess is basically a configuration file that helps to receive higher ranking in the SERPs. While setting up a .htaccess file many professional marketers fail to realize that theses files are vital for improving a site’s indexing process. No matter how properly you promote or optimize your website, without proper .htaccess file setup it fails to influence the SEO. Therefore, every time you start a new project, don’t forget to check on the coding and set-up of .htaccess files.

Overusing the ‘Nofollow’ Tag to Outbound Links

Professional marketers often end up overusing the ‘nofollow’ tag, while focusing on improving the SEO ranking of the websites. Implementing the ‘nofollow’ tag to the outbound links can help you in keeping the link power to your site. But, using it excessively to each and every outbound links won’t increase the SEO of your site in any way. Therefore, you need to scan your website with a website scanner tool, such as Xenu, and then check out which are the particular links that needed the ‘nofollow’ tag.

seo mistakes

Leaving the robots.txt File Open

Leaving the robots.txt files open means allowing the search bots to crawl and access all the web pages of your site, without your permission. Be it the personal pages of your customer’s account or the admin or login page of your site, the web crawlers can read them all. It’s one of the most common SEO mistakes that even the professional marketers do. It can cause a serious data breach and privacy issues to your site. The only way to prevent this from happening is that you learn more about robots.txt and properly set up and manage them on your website.

Though the above-mentioned mistakes may seem silly; but if not taken care of may turn out to be harmful to a website. It’s important that you avoid these silly SEO mistakes at any cost to save your online marketing campaign from getting ruined.

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