6 Out-Of-Date SEO Strategies That You Need To Stop Using Instantly

Yes, if done properly SEO can greatly improve the ranking of your site in search results, increase the traffic and make your online business a success. But, there is no fixed formula for it as the SEO strategies alter constantly. It’s not necessary that the SEO strategies that once made you popular will help your site now. Rather, if you keep on using SEO techniques that are almost obsolete now, it can do more harm to your site than any good at all. In order to save your site from getting damaged, here are some of the dead SEO strategies that you need to stop using right now!

Anchors That Are Over-Optimized

Over optimizing the anchor text once used to be one of the popular SEO strategies. But, however, now this technique is the most outdated one. If you are still relying on this method of optimizing anchor texts of external and internal links to advance your site in the search results, then you need to stop doing it right away. Because now for using this technique you’ll get only penalties by Google and nothing more, as Google considers these links as ‘unnatural’. Instead of SEO, try using it in your content for offering added value to the users.

Overusing the Keywords

Keyword usage is indeed important for SEO, but overdoing it is a bad idea. Repeating a particular keyword over and over throughout your content is now referred to as one of the out-of-date SEO strategies. If you’re one of those who still uses the same keyword unlimited times in a content, then it’s high time that you get over it. Instead, opt for the various available SEO plugins that can help you in generate suitable different keywords for your content. Focus on using related keywords or give priority to the content quality then stuffing it with keywords.

Outdated SEO strategies

Doing Guest Blogging Full of Spam

Gone are the days when using irrelevant and low-quality guest blogs could fetch you traffic. Now if you do unrelated guest blogging or include links to sites that have no connects with the one it is posted on, then consider your website as dead too. Get rid of this one of the outmoded SEO strategies immediately and save your site by doing guest blogging for connecting with fellow bloggers and a greater number of the audience instead.

Compromising Link Quality with Quantity

By increasing the number of links, instead of quality, it is possible to improve your site’s search rankings is nothing but a myth now. But, beware, these SEO strategies no longer work the way it once used to. After the Penguin update by Google, the ranking in the search results provided by the search engines has become more concerned with the quality of the link, not the quantity. Links being one of the crucial ranking signals, you can rather focus on link quality and organic link building to improve the SEO.

Disregarding Social Signals

It’s no longer possible to make your digital marketing or SEO strategies successful without giving importance to the social signals and networks. Disregarding the importance of the social signals is now an SEO strategy belonging to the bygone days. Now, social networks play a seminal role in giving your site the required initial exposure and acquiring more backlinks. Therefore, you need to integrate this important part into your site for a better content marketing, page optimization, and link building.

SEO strategies

Single Page per Keyword

Overdoing the keyword on a single page is now considered to be the worst dorm of SEO strategies. Yes, for a long time, stuffing all the variations of a particular keyword in a single page used to be considered as an effective SEO technique. But, now it has become kind of a punishable offense by Google. Google has now become less concerned technical optimization but more with the intent of the users. Therefore, you need to focus on what’s best for your users and place keywords variations in your site content intelligently.

SEO is one of the indispensable parts when it comes to alluring organic charm and growing your business online. SEO is not a technique or a trick, rather is a field that keeps on changing every now and then. Therefore, it’s important that you stay updated with the latest SEO strategies and not repeat such practices that are long dead.

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