7 WordPress Trend That Are Sure To Impact You In 2022

WordPress is a tremendously popular CMS or Customer Management System that keeps on introducing new features and modifications every now and then. Be it new plugins or new updated versions of themes and layouts or even the advanced use of technology, WordPress is an ever growing and evolving platform. To stay up-to-date with it, you need to pay attention to the popular trends that are sure to impact your WordPress site. Following these predictable trends and applying them to your website can not only help you in giving your site an updated look and functionality; but also help you in attracting more traffic. Here are top seven WordPress trends that are sure to impact you in 2017 and therefore need your attention.

HTTPS and Encryption

The HTTP being unencrypted, allows the data to remain intercepted. When HTTP is paired with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), this gives one a way to transmit and receive the data, which is called HTTPS. This is an open source platform. Thus, there is a need to include security to it. An added layer of security does the work. The WordPress trend has shifted from HTTP to the HTTPS. It is not at all an easy task to do. It has actually become secure and provides better security.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, all the sites should be made compatible with mobiles. This is because everyone uses their mobiles and tablets to stream sites. If the sites are not mobile friendly then the viewers will face problem loading the sites. The WordPress trend ensures that all the sites are friendly to the small screens so that they can be optimized. It is expected that the scaling will increase over the next 12 months.

Drag and Drop Option

The new sidebar layout is overriding the traditional content or the sidebar layout. The developers can easily present the content to the users. They can modify the appearance of the content. It also enables the developers to have full control over the site’s appearance. The new WordPress trend is sure to include a widget, menu and place the content accordingly to the needs of optimization.

WordPress trend

SaaS Platform

Well, it is true that WordPress is incomplete without the plugins. They can add new functionality to the site. For SAAS, one needs to install them in order to take their benefit. The SaaS plugin has seen development over the years. It enables the WordPress users to change the codes according to their needs. Considering the pace of its growth it is expected to influence the WordPress trend very soon. So, people can expect WordPress to become affordable.

Video Headers

Video headers had been there in WordPress. There are a number of benefits of using them. This is because they help to grab attention. They also offer instant exposure to a product. Thus, the product is expected to gain popularity. The WordPress trend offers several themes that have video headers.

Parallax Effect

This effect is used in the video games. Then again it became a web designing trend. Now it is considered to be an essential part of the web development services. The WordPress trend is increasing rapidly and becoming a scrolling feature of the mainstream. It creates a 3D effect by adding numerous backgrounds.

Multipurpose Themes

Though these themes have been around for a long time, 2022 should see a surge in their popularity. These themes are very versatile and offer great functionality. Newer technologies are making such themes easier to understand and operate for the users. They are backed by a committed and efficient community of developers.

So, missing out on the most popular WordPress trends may cause your WordPress site some serious damage. The sooner you’ll start to adopt the WordPress trend the better will be the performance of your WordPress site.

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