Absurd SEO Myth That You Need To Ignore

There are actually reasons good enough that people end up feeling scared or confused while opting for different SEO methods. With Google regularly changing the SEO based rules, it becomes difficult to understand which the best SEO techniques in real are. And people end up believing in the various SEO myths, as a result. So, here are the 5 most ridiculous and absurd SEO myths that you must ignore while doing SEO for your site.


Guest Blogging Has Become Obsolete

When Matt Cutts, the spam team head of Google, said in 2014 that guest blogging had become obsolete; what he meant by that is Google will ignore or punish you in case you use the guest blogging the wrong way. But as a result, it turned out to be an SEO myth with stopping a considerable number of people from including guest blogging.  As long as you keep on writing a helpful and relevant blog post for fellow bloggers, it’ll continue to serve as an excellent SEO technique.

Google Generates Traffic Only To Big Sites

Okay, it’s a fact that the big and authoritative sites tend to get higher ranks in Google search results. But it doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t give chances of getting more traffic to the new or small businesses. This is an SEO myth. Unlike this absurd SEO myth, there is actually a fair chance to get lots of traffic from Google for everyone. However, for that, you need to do two main things: one is using specific keywords than opting for the phrases with high competition, and the second is checking the competitiveness of the top 10 target phrases in Google before actually using them.

Keywords Are Not Relevant Anymore

SEO myth

Long gone are the days when one can stuff keywords a dozen times in any blog post. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the keywords usage has no need at all. Yes, the idea that keywords are not relevant anymore is nothing but an SEO myth. Search engines do need keywords for understanding what your post is all about. The only thing that has changed so far is that now you need to use them in specific places in your content, like in the URL, main heading of your content, within 100 words from the beginning, once more somewhere in the content and in the SEO title.

Google Automatically Finds New Posts

For the well-known websites this may be true, but for others, it’s just an SEO myth that Google finds new posts automatically. If your site is all brand new or you haven’t updated it in recent times, then to get Google find your posts you need to rely upon the Search Console of Google. It is through the Search Console that you’ll be able to connect your site with Google. And once you connect with them, you’ll be constantly informing them about the latest pages or posts you are creating.

SEO Is Extremely Difficult To Keep Up With

It is extremely hard to keep up with the SEO standards as Google always keep changing the rules is another popular SEO myths. Yes, Google does twist their algorithms innumerable times a year. But, this should not affect you if you do your SEO the proper way. If you are sticking with the simple rules like, including the keyword maximum 5 times in your content or writing original quality content, then there’s no need to fear the SEO, nor the Google’s algorithms.

Do you want to know the secret to becoming successful in online marketing? Well here’s the big revelation then, learn not to pay attention to the SEO myths. By ignoring the bad SEO myths, you can actually make your site thrive with various SEO skills and techniques.

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