Activity Social Share Plugin BuddyPress multisite Update

WordPress is now covering 30% of the internet websites space. Social media also plays a significant role in helping you find your favorite websites. The ability to share your website content on these social media networks. Bring more visitors to your site is really important and most economical method of promotion. Free! Activity Social Share Plugin BuddyPress is for the same purpose for WordPress community and  WordPress social network websites. Wbcom Designs comes with Activity Social Share Plugin BuddyPress multisite Update after users request

With Installation of BuddyPress in WordPress Multisite  be careful and read the BuddyPress codex or articles like  BuddyPress and multisite, How to Integrate BuddyPress with WordPress Multi-site Seamlessly

Now Activity Social Share Plugin BuddyPress now fully support multisite.

What is BuddyPress Activity Social share all about?

BuddyPress Activity Social Share plugin allows users to share activity “Post Updates” to their social networking profiles.

This plugin adds the option ‘Share’ to BuddyPress Activity in post updates section parallel to the ‘Comment’, ‘Favorite’ and ‘Delete’ option.

When the user clicks on ‘Share’ button, there will be a toggle display with all enabled services and eventually, a popup will appear when the user clicks on a specific social media service. A perfect plugin to make your user activities on your website social-share-friendly, and increase your member’s social reach dramatically!


Adds social share Sites

With the help of this plugin, you can add various social share sites to BuddyPress Activity items.


Activity social share plugin buddypress multisite, buddypress multisite
Activity social share plugin BuddyPress multisite settings

Support Font Awesome class icons of social networks –

This plugin Support Font Awesome Plugin Support ‘Font Awesome icon class’. So that you can get the best font for social share options. You can select from existing social media services and also add more services. The choice to show on the front from all services will be only in hands of admin.


Activity social share plugin buddypress, BuddyPress multisite
Font Awesome class icon for services

Default social share button-

With the help of this plugin you get the 4 default social media services available by default: Fb, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn. With that, you can easily share your blogs on the particular platforms. You can also add more social networks, he can do so through the drop-down menu from the site’s backend.

Activity Social Shareplugin buddypress, buddypress multiite
BuddyPress Activity Social Share

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