Best Live-Chat Plugin Solutions for WordPress Website

Website owners, bloggers, marketing personnel along with the web surfers feel that they should be able to converse more in order to avoid complex or unpleasant situations. So, they are eager to connect with each other via WordPress supported live chat plugin interface. The web genius, thus, have created numerous live chat plugin platforms among which here are the most famous five discussed.



Tidio is one of the easiest and most user-friendly plugins for getting the chat feature up and running. The user gets three different chat theme designs and fully customized colors that fit the brand image. The live chat plugin can be directly accessed through the WordPress dashboard. The installation can be done in Windows, Android app or iOS. Tidio platform recognizes any customer issues and promptly helps in sending messages online, offline or via email to resolve the issue. The plugin is a business communicator that connects the customers irrespective of their global positions.



The excellent and free live chat plugin is very useful for websites with modest traffic attractions. The free interface offers the user with a single chat each day with one agent in total. The premium version of the Formilla allows the users to access the chat via various apps. The version also satisfies the user providing personalized chat boxes and site visitor monitoring. Features like proactive chat, chat queues, and offline email forms are some of the plugin’s other advanced and impressive features.

WP Live-Chat


WP Live Chat plugin is one of the cost-effective chat plugins which allows the web owner or user to chat with their clients and customers for free. The chat support platform is ideal for small business owners. Third party connections and payment for any premium versions are not necessary for this fully functional live chat plugin. Some of the advanced features offer unlimited simultaneous live chats, a number of predefined live chat box themes, no advertisement distractions, desktop notifications and much more. When you activate the plugin, you will be able to view the detailed visitors’ activity in the “live-chat” menu dashboard. You can also choose the chat place preference such as your own website or the live chat plugin server.



If you are working in such a WordPress website, your prompt interaction with prospective clients and customers can build healthy revenues. Zopim lets the users answer all queries of their clients. This helps both the business owner and the customer relate to one another and build a reliable and trustworthy relationship. Zopim provides a widget which directly connects you with the visitors without the need of an interface. The key features of this ultimate chat solution are that they are proactive, mobile optimized, analytically advanced, and also works on all major web browsers. The user can choose from more than 35 chat language options for clients’ and customers’ complete ease and comfort.

Facebook Live Chat for WordPress


The most popular live chat plugin puts the user in the social media’s live chat box on the website itself so that the visitors can chat with the user directly via Facebook Messenger. This is a comparatively easier way for the layman to connect the WordPress website owners and bloggers in the time of need. Facebook Live Chat for WordPress is also an easier path for the owners or workers to bestow the clients or prospective customers with extensive support.

Live-chat plugins empower both the business person and the clients in getting exceptional service and building long-time relations. The plugins initiate more conversation than one can have via emails or telephone. Hence, they are very useful for eliminating client friction, resolving queries, and reassuring human presence.

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