How the Availability of Different Languages Can Change Your WordPress Site

Do you know, to form a first impression on somebody it just takes 39 milliseconds? Language is the best weapon that one can have to make the first impression. Thus, one, just one; if this is the answer to the question, in how many languages your WordPress site is available; then, believes me; you are really really missing lots of scope and opportunity to increase the revenue from your site. After all, it is true that a bad first impression may take your viewers away from your WordPress site.

Potential of Localized Website

In order to make your WordPress site more acceptable it is essential to make it in the local language. This will boost the acceptance of your site to the viewers and may lead to higher revenue. If your WordPress site hosts your eCommerce business or a blog of your shop then it is good to give your viewers option for translation. Surveys have seen that over 95 percent of world’s eCommerce done through WordPress sites that have option for local language. Moreover, it is expected that WordPress site who is directly related to eCommerce business and have an option for translation, their future income is going to rise by 80 percent. Many reports suggest that if product description is available in local language then it influence the viewers. Thus business giants in eCommerce are adapting this and making their viewers able to translate the page in different languages.

Try Out Different Combination

Giving the option to view your WordPress site in the different language is not like a rocket science. A lot of technical expertise and knowledge of coding and web page designing is not required at all. You can do this with very low budget and with minimal technical expertise. There is various translation option available which can fit your need best. For instance, you can try out the service of online translation tool of Google to translate your site or you can hire an eligible person if you have fewer pages in your site. Translate. Com is another website that can provide free translation for your WordPress site. You can integrate this with your site with website translator which will provide instant translation option in various languages. However, if you have technical expertise in web page designing and editing then go for post machine editing which is a good option for real time translation.

Current State of the World Wide Web

Thanks to the internet service providers! They have extended their services in a great way to incorporate everyone with internet service. Nowadays more or less everyone uses the internet for various purpose. WordPress site holds the major chunk of World Wide Web. This can be used to publish blogs, eCommerce or other forms of web content. In order to make it user-friendly and acceptable among wide diverse audiences, different language is essential. Studies have seen that moreover 50 percent of online trading is done through the website or WordPress site which offer viewer’s native language.

While English is taken as the universal language of the online world, there is a certain necessity of localized websites for success in web space. It will help all the visitors who can’t read or understand English.

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