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Real tips that drive traffic to your WordPress site

You have made your website and like everybody, you want it to be popular across the Internet. But sit back and think; have you done anything specific for driving traffic to WordPress? The answer is probably in the negative. While most users and website creators put a lot of effort into the designing and speed optimization aspects, this area is largely ignored. Until after the site is live, you realize that all the effort will go to vain without visitors to your website. The number of ‘hits’ on a website or blog is the primary measure of its success. Please refer to these 7 actionable points which could help in traffic to WordPress significantly.

Try out Different Ways to Keep Visitors Engaged

The initially interested visitors will quickly become jaded if there no activity for him in your site. Apart from the common ‘comment’ area, try out ratings, surveys, and polls, image or video galleries for maximizing user engagement. This will not only increase the number of page views but also increase the average time a user spends on your site.

Take Time to Keep Blog Posts on your Site Optimized

This ought to become your daily activity; use a good SEO post-analysis tool for this task. This will rank your posts based on keyword usage. You need to just follow the recommendations to keep your posts optimized; this activity can drive traffic to your website.

Reply to the Comments on your Website

A good habit to inculcate daily; check in WordPress admin for comments you have not replied till date. This will reflect your concern for the visitors on your website and provide a human touch amidst all the automation.

Check whether your Website is optimized for Speed

A slow-loading web page is a major deterrent to driving traffic to WordPress. A website which has minimum loading time is preferred even by the search engines. Try to load minimum plug-ins and videos; the best option is to keep your website light and fast.


Make an Email List

Emailing is still one of the most effective ways of marketing on the Internet. A saddening statistic is that 75% of the viewers of your website are not going to visit again. An email is your direct connection to the users; they will receive regular updates from your website and stay connected with you.

Create Meaningful Content

After all, the whole purpose of your website is to showcase what content you created, right? Useful contents which offer value to the visitor will be driving traffic to WordPress. Remember there are multitudes of websites on the Internet; so you can only attract visitors to your website by offering something unique and different.

Try your Best to Engage Your Viewer on Social Media

The social media is where your target viewers share thoughts and opinions about contents related to your field. Your job is just to entice them into visiting your blog or site. Try to get users to share your link among their circles. Don’t forget to forward a line of appreciation for their efforts in case someone does share.

These 7 tips will work together to create a website which is informative with fast loading time and smooth operations, geared towards attracting more and more visitors on the Internet.

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