Some SEO Strategies for a Positive Impact

When you are formulating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, you may be aware that long-term planning gives you the best results. These strategies are focused on your individual business or blog and they are geared towards diving customers or followers towards your site. While these SEO strategies are the backbone of your website traffic, certain short-term plans or tactics will also get you added bonuses in terms of increased business or hits to the blogging site.

These short term SEO strategies may be broadly classified into two categories – proactive and reactive. Proactive SEO strategies are an SEO initiative which invites users to take immediate decisions. A common example may be giving substantial discounts on products for a limited period, which urges the consumer into making a purchase, instead of waiting for him to decide. Reactive SEO strategies are when you respond to certain events by customizing it into an offering in your blog or business. A typical example would be writing a blog on a well-publicized issue like the debate over the name of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s son, Taimur.

The following guidelines will help you to formulate new and effective short-term strategies for your websites.

Try to Initiate New Subjects

The Internet is a vast pool of knowledge where millions of users are creating new contents every hour, let alone every day. So, it is difficult to find original content for your website. But you should always strive towards the creation of such contents. An original content will definitely increase traffic and make your site popular. Also, offering information in a refreshing and innovative way will also attract new traffic, increase awareness about your site, improve your position and reputation in the field. These SEO strategies will also get new and good quality backlinks for your site.

Formulate Content based on Keywords unknown to your Rivals

Keywords are significant in increasing search rankings of your website. So, using tools like Google Keyword Planner will allow you research keywords that your competitors are using. This, in turn, will show keywords that have high usage ratio and turn up the least in similar competing sites. Using such keywords in creating meaningful content will increase your backlink profile, get new social connections and increase site traffic.

Keep Yourself Updated with Competitor’s Social Interactions

In case your rivals are using social media for customer interactions, keeping an eye on them will give insights on the customer mindsets. This may include converting an unsatisfied customer, by sending incentives to him or her directly. Your response should be swift and professional to capitalize on these opportunities.

Use Internal Events

A new product launch or addition of a new service to your company’s portfolio may be termed as an event. You may use these events as opportunities for online promotion of your website also. The press releases also serve as an excellent opportunity to reach a broader audience and ultimately increase traffic to your website. Publishing an SEO optimized version one of the sound SEO strategies for generating interest in your target online segment.

Turn Internal Events into Opportunities

Any significant event related to your organization which is already capturing attention may be used as an opportunity for online promotion. Writing blogs based on these events will increase the visibility of your website in the related field and improve credibility also. These kinds of SEO strategies will also increase referrals and backlinks to your site.

All the SEO strategies explained above will help to increase traffic to your website quite quickly. They will also be beneficial in capturing the interest generated through the online promotion of an internal event. Regular and timely usage of these methods will have a significant impact on your online traffic.

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