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Top 4 Ways for Better Image Usage in Your Blogs

It is the inclusion of images that adds a whole different appeal to a blog. Images simply make a blog look more alive. With more and more blogs are now opting for image usage, it has been an established fact that images are one of the most important assets to the bloggers. Images play a crucial role in influencing the first impressions of the readers when they visit your blog for the first time.  Any blog posts that feature images, attracts and engage more viewers than posts without any images. Therefore, to have a successful blogging experience it’s important that you pay proper attention in image selection. Here are the top 4 ways that can help you in achieving awesome image usage in your blogs.

Don’t Opt for Copyrighted Images

Using images that are copyrighted is one of the biggest blunders that you need to stop committing.  Running an image search in Google and using any random image can pose some real threats to your blog. There are many instances where, because of using copyrighted images without the permission of the owners, many bloggers have ended up suffering terrible consequences. For achieving a better image usage it’s definitely better to not go for featuring copyrighted images.

Consider Taking Pictures on Your Own

Do you have a decent camera or are you thinking about buying one? Then voila! You have got the real thing that is needed for creating innovative images for your blog. Why bear the high cost of buying copyrighted images or hiring professional photographers for taking pictures for your blogs, when you can do it on your own. All you need a good camera and some helpful photography tips, and you are good to go. Even if you are an amateur or lack experience in photography, learning to take pictures on your own for your blog is easier than you think and cost-saving as well.

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Image Optimization Is of Crucial Importance

No matter how carefully and precisely you choose the images for your blogs or how innovative they are, unless until they are optimized properly, image usage won’t show any effect in driving traffic to your site. Every time an image is added to your blog, it brings a risk of slowing down your site along with it. Be it layout related issues or some problems with the blog design, an image that is not appropriately sized can lead to various site problems. The larger the image would be, the longer will be the load times. Therefore, if you want to boost the SEO of your site by better image usage, the images need to be thoroughly optimized.

Present the Images from Different Angles

If you are using your blogs for promoting your products, then learn to present them from different angles. Whenever you feature product images in your blog posts, presenting them from multiple angles can help you in highlighting the various aspects of your products. Showing a product from various different angles will not only help you in offering better views to your viewers; but also help you engage the readers. When it comes to better image usage, multiple image angles let you provide the customers with a 360o view and accentuate particular features of the product.

Believe it or not, but it’s a fact that the majority of the bloggers often gets scared when it comes to including visual content to their blogs! They often end up assuming that the process of proper image usage is time-consuming and too costly. But however, in reality, it’s not at all true. With the need for image usage in blogs constantly increasing and more and more customers wanting better images, it’s high time that you start taking visual storytelling seriously.

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