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7 Viral WordPress Themes of 2024

Do you want your content to go viral? Well, WordPress is here with some of the best viral themes this will help you to create invasive content and blogs for your viewers. Get the hang of viral WordPress themes that will help your website to stand out from the masses. The key to designing a successful viral WordPress website is its simplicity. All the viral WordPress themes are extremely simple yet they contain all the features which are required to create a modern and elegant website. Viral websites are mainly centered around engaging content. The WordPress themes will enable you to present your content in a persuasive way.

Best Viral WordPress Themes of 2024

These are a few of the best viral WordPress themes of 2024. Implement these themes on your website and grab the attention of the views in a very short while.

#1. SociallyViral


SociallyViral is a WordPress theme which is created by MyTheme shop. This theme not only helps to reduce your website loading time but will also help you to make your content go viral. It has two different home page designs which help you to display your latest content in the most efficient way. Its page template is highly optimized and enables you to earn social shares. It also has trending content widgets. The widgets will make sure that your users get their hands on the hottest content. This will definitely increase the amount of time your users spend on your website. It is fully AdSense optimized as well. SociallyViral is definitely one of the best viral WordPress themes available for you.

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#2. Bimber


Bimber helps you to design a professional-looking website with very little effort. Bimber makes sure that your visitors spend a considerable amount of time on your webpage. It also ensures that all the popular contents of your website are always on top. It has various hot content widgets which will help your visitors to go through the most viewed articles on your website. It also has infinite scroll features which help to keep your visitors engaged on your website for a long time. All these features make Bimber a very popular viral WordPress theme. The viewers can also submit their articles or videos to your website. For that, it contains the popular Snax frontend uploader plugin.

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#3. Buzzy


Buzzy is a very popular WordPress template that helps you to create viral WordPress websites. If you wish to increase your chances of your article going viral, then Buzzy is the theme for you. You can go through the Buzzy website demo to know how exactly this theme works. It contains six homepage layouts. It also has a huge library of inner page templates. All these templates have been designed to make sure that your content gets viewed by the users.
All the Buzzy themes share certain common features. The homepage displays quite a number of articles on your website. All the articles are displayed in an easy-to-read format. This increases the chances of your articles being read and shared.

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#4. Doberman

Viral WordPress Themes

Doberman is a WordPress theme that helps to make the articles of your website go viral. It is basically a magazine-style theme. So, if you are publishing a video or text or image-based content, then Doberman will provide you with a lot of display options to give the right look to your website. Using the WordPress customizer, you can modify your website according to your will. All the options and features of this theme are very user-friendly and easy to use. Also, you can easily switch the colors or change the layout or even customize the format of the themes to increase the chances of your content being read and shared. The website contains various social sharing buttons throughout your website.

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#5. King

Viral WordPress Themes

King is a viral WordPress theme that ensures that the articles of your website go viral. It has five different homepage demos. You also get eight different templates. Out of these eight templates, five have been typically created for news articles, two for sharing video content, and one for image-based content. These themes increase the chances of your content going viral. You also get a lot of header options for your site. All the options available are easily customizable. You can easily adjust the colors and other properties like logo images according to your wish. It contains various social media icons. The visitors can jump from one content to another with just a single click of their mouse.

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#6. Furious

Viral WordPress Themes

Furious is a new viral WordPress theme. It has all the latest features which ensure that the content of your webpage goes viral. It has front-end content submission forms to add articles and post to your website in a very easy way. It also makes sure that the visitors keep coming back to your website for more articles. For that, it includes a voting system that allows your viewers to give their reviews on the articles of your website. In the backend, Furious is able to track user interactions to promote the popular articles of your website. Because of this dynamic content display feature, websites created using Furious become popular in no time.
It also contains a floating button bar.

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#7. Boombox

Viral WordPress Themes

Boombox is a WordPress theme that is packed with all the essential features which enable your content to go viral. Boombox has four demos that will make your content popular. The design can be modified to give a custom look to your website Boombox has three different post ranking systems for you to choose from. They are the trending, popular and hot ranking systems. Your audience will also be able to give feedback on the articles of your website using the reaction buttons. This theme also has front-end submission forms for accepting articles from the viewers. It is also BuddyPress compatible and you can easily add various social media features to your website. This will increase the chances of your articles being viewed.

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How to choose the perfect theme for your website?

Viral websites are mainly based on content. So, creating engaging content and adding them to your website can make your website so viral. Also, you should choose a theme that is capable of handling a large amount of data without any hindrance. What other points should we keep in mind while choosing the best viral theme for your website?

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