Ways to Start WordPress Development

If you are a WordPress user, you are well aware what the themes can do to your website and maybe you have implemented them earlier also. Perhaps now you want to be a developer yourself but that has become impossible. This is because you have got stuck in the learning process and are unable to get over it. Well, don’t be worried you are not alone. All WordPress developers do not become an expert in the first instance. They have to go through a rigorous learning process in order to understand WordPress development well.

In order to be a WordPress developer, you have to know CSS, HTML, and also PHP. Well, when you know all these don’t think that will make WordPress development easy for you. Let us see what are the things that you need to know for a good WordPress development.

Expertise on front-end development in HTML, CSS, and jQuery, backend development in PHP and basic web server application, development tools and workflow, and WordPress plugin development are good things that you can start with. The top three ways to learn WordPress development are as follows:

Reading Can Help

You can subscribe to the WordPress blogs because they will help you to stay updated. You can always read and follow the tutorials so that you have an extensive knowledge of what goes on in a WordPress development. There are several informative blogs in WordPress that are of high quality. Pick one such and follow them. Some of the best blogs that I have found out are Kinsta, WP Tavern, WPMU DEV blog, and Tom McFarlin.

When you gain a little of the expertise you can contribute to the blogs yourself. Technicalities will make you learn the basics to all these sites and development.  You can also enhance your skills by reading what the other developers are reading and following. This will ensure that you are going by the trends and would make you successful.

WordPress Development

Needs Extensive Education

There are several academies which offer courses for the WordPress development beginners, in the intermediate and advanced levels. You have to go through some of the formal education processes like these. You should also be on par with the ongoing maintenance trends that are in WordPress. If you are thinking of taking a formal education, I would recommend you go for The Academy, and Team Treehouse. Except these, you can find several other courses that are also good equally. Know the Code and JavaScript for WP are some other educational sources that good WordPress developers are following.

Practical Experience Is Needed

The more you study the more you will develop better skills in WordPress development. You can do that by building out the personal projects. This can be a blog, a hobby site, a personal portfolio, etc. The more personal projects you have the more expertise you will have. This will enable you to deal with certain situations.

When you create a blog of your own try to write down what you have learned in your blog. This will make your WordPress blog established. Be sure that you take on the topics that you can handle. When you are working for a paying client you should keep in mind that can meet the deadlines. So, after you gain a bit of proper knowledge you can offer support to the WordPress products or can join a company that does WordPress development.

To conclude, it can be said that the WordPress users feel happy about implementing plugins and themes of other developers. So, if you want to be a developer yourself you can plan the order accordingly. The learning should consist of reading, education, and practice. Only then you will be successful as a developer.

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