Your Blog Isn’t Growing. Know Why

Are you a passionate blogger but facing the issue of unread blog posts? Writing your heart out but not getting enough response? Well, here are five probable reasons why your blog posts are not performing well and underperforming!

Talking All About Yourself Only

Taking about self: Why your Blog wont grow

Well, while blogging one important thing you should keep in your mind that no one really cares what you or your organization is up to or what you have achieved in your personal life. Yes, No one! People are busy with their lives; care about their personal problems. They care about their personal needs; how they can satisfy those needs; they care how they can solve the problems of their own.

Now, suppose your blog posts are all about your product and the promotion of the product! Then it is obvious that readers will get irritated with that! It can result in unread blog posts. Want your blogs to be popular? Don’t be so obvious with the promotion; make it peppy!

Humdrum and Boring Content

Boring blog: Why your Blog wont grow

Who loves to read long boring contents? Well, the answer is no one! Maybe you are a passionate blogger and you are writing your heart out with as much as valuable information; but in reality, the writing style is too much humdrum and uninteresting. Will the readers love to read such articles? No, they won’t. As a result, your blog posts will remain unread! In order to avoid your posts remain unread, try to write the articles in an interesting way so that people won’t find it monotonous; rather enjoy a good read.

You’re Forgetting about SEO

If you are a blogger you are probably well aware of the SEO factor. This is the factor which increases the traffic of your website. Better SEO results into increased traffic. So, to avoid the issue of unread blog posts, pay better attention to the SEO. Although you are writing good quality content your blog posts may remain unread because of not paying enough attention to the SEO.

Select any particular keyword for your article; use that particular keyword meaningfully and in an effective way all over the blog posts and highlight it. It will result in better SEO and increased traffic!

Irregular Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar : Why your Blog wont grow

Try to be a bit consistent with your blog posts. Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to publish fresh articles every day; however, the readers or the site visitors at least should hear from the blogger in a regular manner. In order to avoid being such a blogger whose blogs are left unread; don’t take too much long gaps to publish new articles.

Not Embodying Outside Experts

Well, you can miss out the rat race and produce unread blog posts if you are thinking about “no one knows better than me”! Suppose you have come up with a good and interesting topic for your site, but you don’t have enough expertise in that field. What to do? Well, it’s time to embrace the outside pros. Such experts can bring quite a value to the readers resulting increased number of followers.

If you’re doing any of these above-mentioned mistakes then make necessary changes and become a successful blogger!

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