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Create E-learning Website With Advanced Learndash Plugins 2020

LearnDash is one of the most popular LMS platforms available. It will allow you to create highly interactive and fully-functional E-learning platforms for your learners. LearnDash isn’t that popular only because of its useful features. It also integrates seamlessly with various other plugins. Being advanced Learndash plugins, their extensions, and add-ons which help to improve the functions of your E-learning portal.

Here, we have shortlisted some of the most widely used premium and free LearnDash plugins. All these plugins will help help you to kick-start your E-learning portal on LearnDash

Premium Learndash Plugins

Here are the best picks for premium LearnDash Plugins:

1. LearnDash Notes

learndash notes

LearnDash Notes is an extension of the LearnDash which is used to extend the functionality of the LearnDash plugin. Using this plugin, the students will be able to create real-time notes for lessons and courses. Multiple shortcodes are available which can be displayed on the LearnDash profile. Being advanced Learndash plugins, the plugin also has support for the LearnDash dashboard plugin. Instructors and admin can add their feedbacks in the notes created by their students. You can also set the position of notes on your e-learning website.

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2. LearnDash wpForo


LearnDash wpForo allows you to create a social learning website with all the features of LearnDash. You will be able to build forums on your website. The students will be able to enroll in any of the available courses. A number of dedicated widgets are also available. It’s up to you whether you want to allow your students to enroll in ALL or ANY of the associated courses or just want to provide Read-Only Access.

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3. PeepSo LearnDash Integration


PeepSo LearnDash Integration will allow the students and the instructors to see various information on their profile section. Being advanced Learndash plugins, the instructors will also be able to share the progress with the other community members. This will help increase the competitiveness among learners. The admins will also be able to manage various activities of the website.

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4. LearnDash Dashboard


LearnDash Dashboard will provide the instructors, as well as the students, a dashboard of their own from where they will be able to manage their courses and lessons. The admin will be able to adjust the blocks as per their choice. They will also be able to disable some of the sections. The plugin comes with inbuilt LearnDash and WooCommerce integration.

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Free Learndash Plugins 

Let’ take a look at the top picks of free LearnDash plugins:

1. Course Grid

Advanced Learndash Plugins

Course Grid is a LearnDash add-on that will allow you to create a responsive course library. The library can be inserted on any post or page of your website. The plug-in has a number of useful features like advanced learning techniques, app building for beginners, filtering by category, featured video support. Being advanced Learndash plugins, Course Grid also enables dynamic status. A progress bar can be displayed to view progress made by your candidates.

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2. BuddyPress Integration

BP IntegrationBuddyPress Integration is a free plugin that will allow you to add online profiles and private messaging functionality to your WordPress website. Using BuddyPress and LearnDash, you will be able to create an excellent community website where you get to offer online courses to the students. The plugin also lets you create different types of activities for your student. If the bbPress plugin is enabled, then you can also have a bbPress forum on your website. 

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3. LearnDash Toolkit

Advanced Learndash PluginsLearnDash is a set of tools which will help to enhance the user experience. It will give your learners an amazing learning experience. The plugin is filled with advanced functionality using which you can customise your courses to the fullest. LearnDash has a number of additional features like front-end login, LearnDash button login, redirect menu, item visibility. You can also hide the admin bar and create user profiles as per your choice.

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So, if you want your LearnDash profile to make a difference, then make sure that these plugins are installed on your device. They will definitely help in enhancing the functionalities of your website. Which plugins among them are you going to install on your website?

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