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Getting feedback from your audiences has become quite an effective way to help you increase your users’ engagement on a social media network. Nowadays, to know what people want, businesses create polls on different social media accounts where they ask audiences to vote based on a specific topic. With the help of BuddyPress Poll Plugin, you can know more about the likes and dislikes of your audience, you can also make it a fun activity and increase their engagement, get their feedback, research on any particular topic, and much more.

WordPress Social media site users can also create polls with BuddyPress Polls to engage other users and make it a fun activity for them. These marketing tactics can bring a huge engagement to your websites and can lead to probable future benefits. Polls can help the business keep up with the latest tastes and preferences by giving their followers something to interact with and respond to.

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WordPress, a major web development platform is no less in this regard. It also lets you create a social networking website with the help of a popular plugin, BuddyPress. You can easily make a  social networking community website of your own where you can interact with your users and increase their engagement with the help of groups, forums, activities, and much more.

BuddyPress Polls Plugin

This plugin allows you to create polls within the activity. Your user can then respond to these polls. Members can easily create polls similar to activities and vote on them.

It is an independent plugin that extends BuddyPress Activity and Post update polls. It works great for BuddyPress Individual Activities as well as BuddyPress Groups.

Members can create polls using both single-choice and multiple-choice options at the front end. This add-on will only be available to BuddyPress users. BuddyPress Poll plugin requires BuddyPress installed on your WordPress website.

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Major Features of BuddyPress Polls Plugin

  • BuddyPress Activity and Groups: Create polls.
  • The What’s new in Activity page now has a poll icon.
  • The What’s new for Groups page now has a poll icon.
  • Single Option Polls: Users can choose only one answer.
  • Multiple Option Polls: Users can choose more than one answer.
  • Responsive designs, Work well with all mobile devices.
  • Logged-in users can see the polls about activities but cannot vote or view the results.
  • BuddyPress Polls widgets for single and multiple poll results.
  • To display the poll result graph on the widget, use the Polls Result widget.
  • Use the Dynamic Poll widget for a Dynamic Poll widget to vote on a selected activity.
  • There is also an option for a specific date and time in the backend. If you want a poll to end at a certain time, you can easily add a specific date and time and the poll will finish on that date and time. This option is also for the members who create polls on your website. They will be given an option to add a date and time when they want the poll to end.

BP Poll Backend Settings

BP Poll Backend Settings
BuddyPress Poll Plugin

From the WordPress Dashboard admin menu, navigate to BuddyPress polls.

For BP Polls Settings, click on the General Tab.

  • Multi-Select Polls: Allow users to vote for multiple options in multi-select surveys. Users can only vote for one option in any poll if this option is disabled.
  • Hide Results: Users who enable Hide Results will not see the results. Users who haven’t voted yet will see the voting result if it is disabled.
  • Poll Closing Time & Date: Users can choose the closing date and time for their polls. Users can still vote at any time, but polls will remain open for voting if they are disabled.
  • Enable Image Attachment: This option allows users to attach images to poll activity.
  • Limited Poll Activities: To publish poll type activities, you can choose to limit poll types by member role or user role.

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How to create a poll

The Activity Page is located in the front-end. BP Polls allows users to create Polls within the activity. You can have your friends respond to the polls.

  1. To create polls, click on the Polls tab.
  2. Add the options.
  3. To allow users to vote on multiple options, enable Allow Multiple Options Selection
  4. You can choose the closing date and hour in the frontend if you have enabled the poll closing date & time from the backend.
  5. The group activity can also be used to create polls.

Create a Poll Simply select the poll icon, enter the activity description, and upload the image. You can then choose from multiple options.

WordPress BuddyPress Activity Poll
BuddyPress Poll Plugin

Showing Polls on the activity wall.

Activity Newsfeed Poll BuddyPress
BuddyPress Poll Plugin

To view the results as graphs, users can choose the polls from a dropdown menu in the dashboard.

Poll Graph
BuddyPress Poll Plugin

Conclusion on BuddyPress Poll Plugin

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Therefore, BuddyPress polls allow you to add polls that a super-fun and engaging. They will not only attract your users but will also allow them to post polls having a single as well as multiple options.

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