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Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins 2024

Social proof governs the Internet. If you’re shopping for a service or product, probabilities are you’ll view testimonials even without thinking.

And if everything pans out, you’re buying!

It is a known fact: reviews and testimonials drive eCommerce. So, how is your website performing?

If you’re seeking to tap into the power of testimonials, you’re not the only one. The happy news is that gathering and showcasing testimonials is simpler than you think! All you require is the proper plugin to begin.

The following are some of the best testimonial plugins for WordPress:

  1. Testimonial Showcase
  2. Testimonials and Reviews for WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)
  3. Testimonials Slider and Grid for WPBakery Page Builder
  4. Testimonials Showcase for Visual Composer Plugin
  5. Testimonials Showcase for WordPress – Excited!
  6. AP Custom Testimonial Pro
  7. BNE Testimonials Pro – WordPress Testimonials and Reviews
  8. Testimonials for Cornerstone
  9. PI Testimonial – WordPress Testimonial Showcase Plugin
  10. Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin
  11. Testimonials Slider – WordPress Testimonials Plugin


# 1 Testimonials Showcase

ttshowcase big

Testimonials Showcase constitutes a plugin to showcase testimonials, quotes or reviews in multiple ways! It’s compliant with the latest WordPress v.5.2

It’s Ideal to:

Show Testimonials from your supporters or clients
Show reviews of your service or product
Exhibit a list of quotes
Link Case Studies

Primary Features:

Star Rating system
Grid or Slider Layouts
Over 15 layout customization options
Prolific Snippets/Structured Data compliant
Translation Ready
Front-End submission form present
You can show the entries in two different ways


The entries will show as a grid with a definite number of columns and with the elements arranged based on your settings. Other options consist of image shape and impacts and various themes.


The entries will show in a slider, with the settings you earmarked. You’ll get to manage the transition effect, the number of entries to show in every slide, and what kind of controls. This is an extremely easy WordPress solution to show testimonials in a slider.

There are five inbuilt theme options:

  • Flat Speech Bubbles
  • Rounded Speech Bubbles
  • Flat Card Box
  • Simple Separator
  • Quote Marks

Rich Snippets Compliant

The plugin contains a set of options that allow you to incorporate structured data for search engines. When utilized correctly this information might show in the search engine result pages! The code is contained in JSON-LD format, as suggested by Google.

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# 2 Testimonials And Reviews For WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

testimonials banner bakery

The finest Testimonial & Reviews pack for WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer). Select from 15 separate customizable Testimonial and Review layouts we designed for your requirements. This pack is indeed splendid and unique in its usability and design.


  • Completely WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Compatible
  • Wholly Responsive
  • 23 Testimonial and Reviews to pick from
  • Special Colors
  • 1000 plus Icons
  • Editable Fields
  • Custom Hover Effects
  • CSS3
  • Multiple Testimonial and Reviews in a single page

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# 3 Testimonials Slider And Grid For WPBakery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer)


Testimonials add-on will enable you to show client feedback, ratings, or reviews conveniently on your site employing WPBakery Page Builder. An assortment of over 15 styles with customizing options is also present to fit your needs. Touch Enabled Slider can be attainable on mobile gadgets as well as PCs and tablets. It also contains Masonry Grid to show an isotopic view of the testimonials.


  • Masonry Grid
  • 17 Ready to utilize Styles
  • Touch Enabled Slider
  • Control over entire settings
  • Wholly Responsive
  • Customs Stars Color
  • Custom Title Color
  • Custom Background Colors
  • Slider Arrows
  • Slider Custom Speed
  • Slider Auto Play
  • Slider Bottom Dots

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# 4 Testimonials Showcase For Visual Composer Plugin


Testimonials Showcase for Visual Composer is the finest nicely made and up-to-date Plugin composed to show testimonials and reviews utilizing V.C. Page Builder.

Testimonials Features

  • Ten Predefined Responsive Themes
  • Wholly Visual Composer Compliant
  • Grid Showcase
  • Filter Showcase
  • Slider Showcase (diverse features)
  • Submission Form
  • Rich Snippets integrated
  • Product Review
  • Wholly Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Multi-Language
  • Special Colors
  • The option of “Read more”
  • Multiple Ordering
  • Multi-Groups
  • Multiple Slider Pagination Themes
  • Characters custom limit option

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# 5 Testimonials Showcase For WordPress – Excited!

Testimonials Showcase constitutes a premium multi-use WordPress plugin with the primary purpose of developing superb testimonials showcasing on your blog or website. The plugin is loaded with a versatile testimonial builder, different design layouts, a rating submission form, and complete freedom on styling. It’s probable to create nearly any design you can imagine. And use cases are not restricted simply for testimonials showcasing. Become excited!

The plugin functions nicely out of the box and is extremely simple to use. You may hope to discover all the essential features like Visual Composer incorporation, total responsiveness, shortcode support, rich snippets for search engines besides more!


  • Beautiful templates and layouts. Grid with tooltips, Classic grid, widgets, single testimonial with or without slider.
  • Complete freedom on design customization: font settings, colors, arrangement of elements, spacings, etc.
  • Rich snippets are compliant.
  • Submission form with the approval system. Position anywhere with its individual shortcode.
  • Strong drag and drop admin builder
  • Visual Composer backing.
  • Show average rating with submit review button.
  • 1-5, 1-10, 1-100, or icon rating systems.
  • Wholly responsive.
  • Alter the star icon with another from the SVG icon library or employ your own.
  • Profile sliding panels having 5 themes and native visual/HTML editor of WordPress.
  • Testimonials filtering by your groups.
  • Predefined style defaults for every layout.
  • Multi-use plugin: team, testimonials, logos, etc.
  • Store testimonials for unrestricted use.
  • Fancy mouse over and displaying effects.
  • Opt-in for Mailchimp list.
  • Slider autoplay with a time interval
  • Sort by random, date, or custom order.
  • Simple to use shortcodes: form, summary, group, group plus summary.
  • Social icon bar: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram.
  • Unrestricted testimonials, categories, and authors.
  • Contacts information: Skype, phone, email, source.
  • WPML Ready.
  • Comfortable and intuitive admin UIX.

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# 6 AP Custom Testimonial Pro-Plugin To Showcase User/Google Places Testimonials For WordPress

AP Custom Testimonial Pro

Ap Custom Testimonial pro plugin permits you to build testimonials without wasting any sweat and writing a single code. Simply, you can create a shortcode either by testimonial shortcode generator page in pages, plugin, post together with the widget. You can easily design your personal custom layout with any of the preset template layouts from the plugin. With multi-setting shortcode attributes, you can develop custom and powerful testimonials just like never before.

Newly Added Feature Since Version 1.2.0

Google Places Review

Now you can possess the capacity to include and combine google places review together with user reviews in the site employing the plugin.

Multiple Template Layout

  • Slider Layout
  • List Layout
  • Grid Layout

Beautifully designed 12 template layouts
12 predefined elegant template layouts

Option To Add Social Media Links

11 most common Social links added to meet your need to join with social feeds

Custom Number Of Testimonials

You can opt to display either the custom number of testimonials or those testimonials only that you desire while creating shortcodes either single or multiple testimonials with extra sorting order feature present to show in the particular order as you require.

Multi-configurable Review Submission Form

You can build a testimonial review submission form from the front end. With diverse configurable fields, you can design testimonial forms to receive reviews straight from customers. Then, you can review it, modify it as you deem fit, and accept or reject and remove submitted testimonials and as you endorse it, testimonials will be shown on the frontend. It’s that easy.

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# 7 BNE Testimonials Pro-WordPress Testimonials And Reviews

Inline Preview

BNE Testimonials PRO constitutes a WordPress testimonial plugin that inserts simply to use testimonials and reviews anywhere on your portal. Utilizes featured images to show your reviewer’s photo or maybe a company logo, default, visual editor, to mold your reviews however you want, and three extra fields that offer a tagline, like their website URL, company name, and 5-star ratings. Additionally, your testimonials contain the schema.org review markup.

Enjoy showcasing your testimonials with 4 separate layouts each with 4-5 separate themes like custom styling.

BNE Testimonials Pro also makes it simple to show the same reviews on diverse websites employing the WordPress REST API. Do you possess Google, Yelp, or Facebook reviews? You can show those or even design your own. Reviews for All!


  • 4 Themes: Default, Bubble, Simple, and Cards.
  • 4 Layouts: Thumbnail Slider, Slider, List, Masonry Grid.
  • Shortcode builder
  • Custom styling options
  • Submission form at Front-end with admin email notification for regional submitted reviews. (not present for API platforms).
  • Star Ratings with Schema.org tags for a local online search. (Up to search engines to display the stars depending on schema type utilized).
  • Integrate Yelp, WP RestAPI, Google Places, Facebook, and Yellow Pages (US) API.
  • Automatic Updates to latest versions.
  • Take Themes, Custom Style, Testimonials, and Layouts
  • Many filters/hooks for developers.

Testimonials can be included manually or by employing a front-end form. You can even pull in reviews from other platforms like Yelp and Google. With the whole of this, showcasing the testimonials is essential as well and you are ensured to possess a handful of themes, and layouts to pick from.

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# 8 Testimonials For Cornerstone

banner 1

Testimonials For Cornerstone is a plugin for cornerstone page builder which permits you to display testimonials on your cornerstone-operated website.

This add-on inserts a new element termed testimonials to the list of elements of cornerstone and permits you to possess 3 separate types of styles for the testimonials together with the option of picking between grid and slider layout. You can also select the number of testimonials you wish to show on every row and wholly customize the appearance and feel of the testimonial items to conform to the design of your website.


  • Permits you to show testimonials as Grid, List, and Slider view.
  • Easily select the number of testimonial items you want to show each line.
  • Bundled with 3 separate styles with wholly customizable options
  • Wholly customize the colors to correspond to the appearance and feel of your website.
  • Functions with all modern browsers and overall platforms.
  • Totally responsive with backing for touch screen slider.
  • Permits you to place various kinds of styles and layouts on the same page.

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# 9 PI Testimonial – WordPress Testimonial Showcase Plugin


PI Testimonial Slider plugin is an easy tool to display your customers’ testimonials on your WordPress portal in an appealing way. You can employ any kind of feedback to form a dependable testimonial with a photo, author’s name, a company logo.

This testimonial plugin enables you to easily see client feedback either grid or slider layout that contains eye-grabbing design.

It’s ideal to:

  1. Show Testimonial showcase from your reviewers or clients.
  2. Show a list of quotes
  3. Highlight your product reviews


  • Slider layout
  • 15 plus unique layout
  • Grid layout
  • Shortcode System
  • Simple Customize
  • Customer Rating Backed
  • Wholly Responsive
  • Unrestricted Color Scheme
  • Reveal/hide Bullets
  • Reveal/hide Navigation arrows
  • Show maximum number of testimonials shown on a page
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Built-in best practices of CSS3 & HTML5 and WordPress hook
  • Nice documentation and fast support
  • Functions with all regular WordPress themes

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# 10 Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

ttshowcase big export 1

Testimonials Showcase for WordPress is the ideal WordPress plugin developed to manage and display your testimonials as a dynamic slider or as a responsive grid. You have many effects and special themes that will aid you to display your testimonials in diverse ways.

Testimonials Showcase for WordPress Plugin enables you to show your testimonials without a single line of code. All you require to do is to create the shortcode selecting your chosen options to show, choose a preferred theme and pick a predefined color. Selecting the proper color scheme for the testimonials section of your website was never simpler.


  • 10 Special Themes
  • 10 Colour Schemes
  • 10 Display Options
  • Slider Showcase
  • Slideshow options
  • CSS3 Effects
  • Widget Testimonials ready
  • Responsive and Columns structure
  • WordPress Shortcode Generator
  • Testimonials Management
  • Inside Testimonial’s member Page ready
  • Simple to use
  • Advanced link options
  • Grid layout
  • Alter plugin name
  • Custom lightboxes
  • Gravatar compatible

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# 11 Testimonials Slider – WordPress Testimonials Plugin

elfsight testimonials slider preview

Testimonial Slider plugin is an easy tool to show your customers’ testimonials on your WordPress portal in the most bright and appealing way. You can utilize any kind of feedback to make a reliable testimonial with a photo, author’s name, company logo, and also a URL to the client’s website. Elevate the credibility of your goods displaying the user experience of your clients and fortify your reputation with true and sincere testimonials.


  • Testimonial Carousel plus single slide testimonial slider option.
  • Responsive touch testimonial slider.
  • Wholly customizable testimonial slider.
  • Rapid support plus free updates
  • Choose how many Testimonials to show in a testimonial slider and order them by date or popularity.
  • Customize colors of testimonial sliders.
  • Integrated Testimonial Slider.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Testimonials.
  • Integrated Testimonial List View
  • Pre-designed layouts for testimonial list and testimonial slider.
  • Mouse Draggable testimonial slider.
  • Widgets Supported.
  • Filter testimonials with categories
  • Create a testimonial slider as per your theme.
  • Front End submission form (Premium Version Feature).
  • 5 testimonial slider layouts (Premium Version Feature)
  • Testimonial List View (Premium Version Feature)

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Consumers depend on testimonials and reviews to undertake purchasing decisions. After all, testimonials are built to motivate trust and confidence by highlighting real customer experience. Buyers wish to know the mindset of a contended customer.

The numbers prove it. Testimonials are powerful! Use the above-mentioned testimonial plugins to generate testimonials and analyze your customer experience.

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