WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

WooCommerce plugin is a powerful tool for setting up your eCommerce store. As a store owner, you should use WooCommerce for running wholesale stores. The market for wholesale plugins for WooCommerce is dominated by plugins that offer different pricing for retail and trade customers.

We suggest you to opt. Best WooCommerce wholesale plugin to help you create a fully featured wholesale area for your WooCommerce store. There are lots of wholesale plugins that offer you different pricing options or restricted access for wholesale customers.

Just by installing a single WooCommerce Wholesale plugin, you will be able to access all necessary features and functionalities to help you accept and deliver wholesale requests. We have put together the best plugin for setting up your wholesale e-store. Choose the one that fits your business model.

1.  WooCommerce Wholesale Prices 

WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin is the easiest way to create a wholesale store alongside your public-facing store in WooCommerce. You can set a wholesale price on your WooCommerce store with the help of this plugin. This is very simple to operate even for beginners.

It is compatible with several other plugins dealing with payment, shipping, currency conversion, translation, etc. You can also apply wholesale pricing for all your products or for specific products, depending on your store strategy. You can add wholesale prices on all products.

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2.  Wholesale for WooCommerce Lite 

WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

As an Owner of an online store, if you want to sell products to both retail customers and wholesale customers then you’ll need a way to add a wholesale area to your existing WooCommerce store. Wholesale for WooCommerce Lite is a free and best WooCommerce plugin that provides amazing features to its users.

Wholesale ordering becomes easier with this plugin. You can display wholesale prices on all the products available on Woocommerce online store. It has remarkable features like adding wholesale pricing to each variation of variable product, minimum quantity, add percentage amount, and add a fixed amount as well.

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3.  Booster for WooCommerce 

WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

Booster for WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin for WooCommerce powered websites. It enables wholesale pricing for the products on your WooCommerce website. You can easily set discounted prices and a minimum number of products that can be purchased to avail of the discounted prices. The module helps you set up user role-based prices globally across all your products, or individually for selected products.

It comes with tons of amazing features and functionalities.  With this plugin, you can easily calculate the discount from the total cart quantity instead of the number of specific products.  It is known as WooCommerce JetPack.

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4.  Premmerce Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce 

WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

To add basic functionality for adding wholesale pricing Premmerce Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce is a standalone all-in-one plugin that allows you to manage multiple wholesale pricings as well as handle multiple wholesale user roles.

This plugin helps you create separate pricing based on user roles on your store. You can create and manage multiple wholesale pricings. Add a percentage discount to your wholesale products if the customer exceeds a minimum threshold of orders. You can also extend the plugin functionalities by installing extensions.

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5.  WooCommerce Tiered Price Table


If you have lots of products then customers have to scroll down a long way and navigate between multiple pages to view, then WooCommerce Tiered Table is the best plugin to go with. This plugin helps you set product price on the quantity purchased. You will be able to specify a different price for the product based on different quantities.

WooCommerce Tiered Price Table offers an option to display pricing tables on your product pages. All products can be listed as a single table, or you can create separate tables for each category. This will help customers understand the layered pricing and accordingly choose the suitable number of products. You can also choose which categories to display for wholesale and retail customers.

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6.  Wholesale Market

wholesale market

If you are looking to create a best wholesale website filled with tons of advanced features and functionalities then the Wholesale Market would be the best option. This plugin offers tons of pricing options. You can control and manage the wholesale pricing across different levels giving you much more control over your business.

With the Wholesale Market plugin you can create wholesale users and give special privilege to them by setting the product’s wholesale price. You can add common or different minimum products to buy on your site.

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7. B2BKing

b2b king

B2BKing offers an all-in-one solution for running B2B stores with WooCommerce. It provides you access to all the necessary features to help you run your business-to-business eCommerce store. B2BKing has been chosen and featured on the CodeCanyon FrontPage.

B2BKing is a weekly bestseller plugin on Envato. It is one of the fastest-growing plugins of 2022. It has the option to accept or deny user registration requests. This gives you complete control over which customers you do business with on your platform. From an extended business registration and separate B2B registration forms, an invoice payment gateway and negotiated price offer, B2BKing does it all.

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8.  User Role Editor

WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

User Role editor is the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin that allows your wholesale customers to log into the website before they place an order. This is a free WordPress plugin that lets you modify the default user roles and create new ones. You can add the filter anywhere on your site using the shortcode.

You can add new roles and customize its capabilities according to your needs. Once you have created a wholesale user role, you can add your trade customers as WordPress users with this role. It also provides multi-site support.

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So these are the best WooCommerce Wholesale plugins. We have shared a diverse collection of WooCommerce wholesale plugins for different users with different needs and requirements. We hope this article helped you find some of the best WooCommerce plugins for your online store.

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