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We are in 2022. Education has taken a digital approach. Technology has brought upon us a much-needed learning revolution. Everything you want to learn is available online. E-learning is flexible and easily accessible.

Did you know that the US e-learning market could grow by $12.81 billion between 2020 and 2024?

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That is huge and it is only set to go higher!

Creating and managing an e-learning website takes a lot of effort. Here is where WordPress plugins get the ball rolling for your site. Learning Management System (LMS) plugins allow you to create and run online courses with WordPress. It includes features like handling the course content online and subscriptions, accepting payments, and hosting quizzes. They are easy-to-use and aids you in creating your very own online courses. In simple terms, they integrate online learning into your educational website easily.

Some of the most essential features of your LMS plugin are:

  • Easy creation and management of a course online
  • Monitoring progress of students
  • Gamification (rewards, certificates, and badges)
  • Effortless monetization options and payment gateways
  • Content dripping

But there are so many plugins to choose from! How will you pick the best one for your website? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Listed below are some of the best plugins hand-picked by us. Select the one that is most pertinent to your e-learning website and launch your own website today!

1. WP Courseware:

Top WordPress LMS Plugins

WP Courseware is a hub of relevant LMS features such as drag and drop, drip content, transparency, certificates, quizzes, surveys, video-ready, and other training materials! It facilitates the creation of courses simply by dragging required elements. You can separate each course into different modules and units. It let you make instructor profiles, grade books, custom emails and so much more. All this ensures prompt engagement from your users!

Another notable fact of this plugin is that it has great personalization tools.

If you are looking for a flexible WordPress LMS plugin with stunning features, this is the one for you!

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2. LearnPress:

Top WordPress LMS Plugins

Edit and manage your courses effectively and efficiently with LearnPress. It provides you with a lot of free tools and is perfect if you are just starting out. It includes support for creating lessons, quizzes, feedback and discussions. LearnPress allows communication between the instructor and students.

If you want more, it also has a premium version that includes course certificates, content dripping add-ons, and more functional management tools! Get this plugin today for your debutant online courses!

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3. LearnDash:

Top WordPress LMS Plugins

LearnDash is one of the best learning solutions in the market. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features provide drip-feed content, deliver certificates and enable you to interact with your learners. It also offers plenty of monetization options for your online course. Moreover, it helps you have more control over your learners and courses.

It uses proven methods such as gamification and social learning. It enables comments on assignments given. Students can unlock more and more courses based on the points they have earned. All this leads to an increase in motivation and engagement. Lastly, students can also track their progress with the help of LearnDash.

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4. LifterLMS:

Top WordPress LMS Plugins

LifterLMS is a complete package and a well-supported WordPress LMS. It is flexible and lets you create small or full-fledged courses with an option of expansion. The user can personalize their coursework on an individual and group level. Its features ensure persistent engagement from students and users. It also has a progress bar – that lets the user know how much of the course has been completed by them. You can also add multimedia lessons such as audio, videos, text, or images thereby making your course much more appealing!

In a nutshell, this plugin offers a lot and is easy to use. You can incorporate more of its features as your site grows!

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5. Sensei:

Top WordPress LMS Plugins

If you want to build your online course in a short span of time, look no further. Every educator has to try this simple yet effective plugin. It integrates your WordPress website without any hassles.

Sensei allows you to launch your online course and share your knowledge online. Grow your network with this plugin!

A little fact: Since it has the same creators, Sensei follows the same best practices as WordPress and WooCommerce!

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Wrapping Up

The plugins you opt for need to be effortless. They should provide endless features and easy integration. We hope this article helped you to choose your next best LMS plugin! So, get going. Download the plugin of your choice, add it to your website, and establish your learning site!

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