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5 Best Amazon S3 Storage Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Looking for the Best AAmazon S3 Storage Plugins for WordPress? Amazon S3 storage plugins offer an effective way to manage digital products. These plugins enable you to seamlessly connect your WordPress media files to servers such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, or AWS CloudFront, ensuring the security of your digital data. All you need to do is specify the path.

With WordPress Amazon S3 storage plugins, you can easily maintain your media path and bucket. These plugins copy all your media storage files, including videos, images, and documents, to your desired S3 bucket. They also help in speeding up your website by serving CSS, JS, and images via CDN (Content Delivery Network), thus improving your website’s speed.

Cloud computing, particularly CDN, has become popular for enhancing website speed. CDN connects to file storage and server files, delivering them to users worldwide through a network of fast servers. Cloud storage involves uploading a website’s files to a remote server, such as stylesheets, images, and other assets, to improve download times and connections. Amazon Web Services (AWS), particularly their S3 and CloudFront services, are highly recommended for these purposes. Advanced WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugins help speed up websites and regularly back up all files at a minimal cost.


Top Amazon S3 Storage Plugins for WordPress

Here are some of the top Amazon S3 Storage Plugins for WordPress:

1. Delicious Brains- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

Delicious Brains- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins
Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

WP Offload Media S3 Lite is a freemium plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce sites that allows you to copy multiple media files from your website and store them on DigitalOcean, Amazon S3, or Google Cloud Storage. This powerful WordPress Cloudfront plugin also enables you to configure the CDN (Content Delivery Network) and automatically generate URLs for the media files. In addition to media such as photos, videos, and documents, you can also copy image thumbnails and their URLs remotely.

WP Offload Media S3 Lite does not directly upload media files to different CloudFront storage. Instead, it uploads the files to the server directory first and then copies them to the bucket. It also automatically removes the files from the server after copying them to the bucket.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK is already included in the plugin, allowing users to define AWS access keys. Other plugins can also integrate with it, leveraging the same AWS SDK. This plugin is used by many other plugins for this purpose. It requires PHP version 5.3.3 or higher and has curl_multi_exec enabled.

Key Features:

  • Automatically copy files, including documents, videos, and images, uploaded via the WordPress Panel, and store them on DigitalOcean Spaces, Amazon S3, or Google Cloud.
  • Replace the URLs of these files within the selected storage space. Configure these URLs with a custom domain or keep them as original.
  • Clean up files that were copied to WP Offload Media’s bucket.
  • Allow adding media via WordPress media uploader to Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Amazon S3.
  • Protect your WooCommerce digital products uploaded to your WordPress server.

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2. NEXT3 AWS- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

NEXT3 AWS- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins
Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

Next3AWS is a highly-rated Amazon S3 plugin that accelerates your website by offloading media files to AWS S3. This plugin enhances website navigation by seamlessly managing multimedia files. It automatically generates URLs and uploads files from the WordPress Media Library, making it a feature-rich solution that can improve SEO rankings.

By hosting your WordPress files on AWS, Next3AWS frees up server resources and enhances website speed. This optimization can also lead to cost savings on web hosting, as it reduces the amount of storage space needed for backups. The plugin is highly compatible with other WordPress plugins and themes, including BuddyPress, CDN services, WP Rocket, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), and WooCommerce.

Next3AWS provides easy access to switch and create buckets, and it allows you to move files to and from Amazon S3 as needed. The plugin’s built-in security features help protect your files, and it automatically creates backups, saving you time and effort. The file manager feature makes it convenient to manage files and folders in the WordPress directory, offering easy access for utilization.

Key Features:

  • Media Offloading: Offload media files from your website to Amazon S3, reducing the load on your server and improving website speed.
  • Automatic URL Generation: Automatically generate URLs for media files uploaded from the WordPress Media Library, streamlining the process and ensuring files are accessible.
  • SEO Benefits: Improved website speed and performance can positively impact SEO rankings, helping your site rank higher in search engine results.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing the storage space needed on your web hosting server, Next3AWS can help save money on web hosting costs.
  • Compatibility: Highly compatible with various WordPress plugins and themes, including BuddyPress, CDN services, WP Rocket, EDD, and WooCommerce, ensuring seamless integration.

3. S3 Media Vault- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

S3 Media Vault- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins
Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

S3 Media Vault is a user-friendly Amazon S3 Video & Audio Player WordPress plugin designed for beginners. It securely delivers content from your Amazon S3 account to your WordPress Membership website. This ensures that links to PDFs, videos, and audio files cannot be shared illegally with unauthorized users, providing content protection. By leveraging CloudFront, the plugin can deliver content to website visitors worldwide at significantly faster loading speeds, up to 45% faster for video and audio files.

This free WordPress Amazon S3 Audio plugin enables users to create audio versions of posts, podcasts, and translations into other languages. It can convert text into lifelike speech using a variety of voices across multiple languages. Users can select the ideal voice for their needs and create engaging speech-enabled applications that work globally. The plugin also allows for the generation of an auto-feed for text-based content, which can then be inserted into an embedded player to enhance the accessibility of the WordPress site.

S3 Media Vault includes a robust WordPress Amazon S3 video plugin with support for HLS Video Streaming, a protocol for distributing audio and video files online. It integrates with CloudFront for actual streaming videos, offers transcribing abilities for audio and video, and includes a Video & Audio Playlists Player, among other features. Supported formats include mp4, mp3, aac, Wav, Zip files, PDFs, and Docs. Secure video streaming allows you to control the downloads of selected videos, ensuring that Amazon S3 Video, Audio, PDF files, and digital products are delivered securely from the Amazon S3 bucket to the customer.

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4. Amazon AWS CDN- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

Amazon AWS CDN is a free plugin that simplifies the setup of an AWS CloudFront Distribution on WordPress sites. It also supports other CDNs that provide custom CDN URLs. The plugin is open-source and requires minimal setup, making it easy to use. To set up an Amazon CloudFront Distribution, users only need to create a user on and enter the Access Key ID and Secret Key—the plugin handles the rest.

Users can specify the minimum and maximum time to cache and define the price class to limit the CDN deployment. Currently at version 1.2.6, this plugin is actively maintained and widely used in the WordPress community for integrating Amazon AWS CloudFront CDN. Amazon AWS CDN is free to use.

The plugin also simplifies the use of CloudFront with WordPress. It automatically clears all CloudFront Cache when posts are published. It sends the URLs of published pages, top pages, and category archive pages to the CloudFront Invalidation API. The plugin uses cookies to prevent CDN caching when users are previewing their posts and contents. Additionally, it removes the cookie when users log out.

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5. Wasabi Smart File Uploads- Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

Wasabi Smart File Uploads is a freemium WordPress Amazon S3 plugin that allows websites to instantly upload essential files from any WordPress media uploader to Amazon S3. These Amazon S3 Storage Plugins enables direct uploading of files, eliminating the need to store them elsewhere on the server. It provides easy accessibility for uploading files, with a maximum size limit of 5 GB, making the process hassle-free. Users can upload files to the Amazon S3 Bucket themselves, either as an admin or by granting permission to others, saving time and storage space and smoothing the workflow on the site.

Key Features:

  • Configure Amazon S3 Bucket: Select the directories you want to display on your Amazon S3 Bucket and configure the settings, including the upload location.
  • Upload Accessibility: Allow file uploads from the frontend or product page, providing easy access for users.
  • Media Privacy: Upload files to the S3 bucket and add them to the WordPress Dashboard Media with the option to set privacy as public or private.
  • Remove Media: Easily remove files from the WordPress media without affecting the files stored on the Amazon S3 Bucket.
  • File Protection: Protect your private files from unwanted bots or hackers, ensuring the security of your data.

Conclusion on Amazon S3 Storage Plugins

Still unsure about which Amazon S3 Storage Plugins is best for WordPress? Let me simplify it for you. WP Offload Media is the way to go. It’s the most user-friendly plugin out there, with easy configuration and setup. While the pricing might be a bit higher, there’s simply no replacement for the features it offers.

If you’re considering alternatives to WP Offload Media S3, I suggest looking into Wasabi Smart File Uploads or the Publitio Offloading plugin. Both offer paid and free versions, providing a range of options for your Amazon S3 plugin needs.

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