Make that perfect WordPress Website with awesome Typography

All your efforts of creating an attractive website are centered on making the viewer comfortable while browsing your content. While fast load times and great visual images are important areas requiring attention for great website presentation, the textual contents occupy about 90 percent of your total content. In simpler terms, the choice, quality and the number of different fonts play an important part in making a website popular among the viewers. Simple, elegant and easy-to-view typography fonts used in a website makes it far more attractive to the browsing viewers, encouraging him to read or check the offerings in details.

In order to achieve better typography thus enhancing viewer or reader experience, you need to take care of certain basic parameters. The following paragraphs discuss these in details. Also, some useful tools for finalizing the best available fonts for your WordPress website are also included for your reference.

Parameters for Enhancing WordPress Websites Typography

Your website’s fonts should be the starting point of evaluation. The following tips should also be kept in mind.

Keep Number of Fonts to a Minimum

The temptation to use different fonts to distinguish between contents is a common practice. However, care should be taken while mixing these different fonts, so that there is no clutter and viewer readability is lessened. A good typography practice may be to use different t styles of the same font, which imparts a lot of variety to your content.

Fonts Portability

The font finalized by you should also be portable across different viewing screens. There should also be no difference in viewing quality whether seen through mobile, desktop or handheld devices. Also, portability across browsers is also important. You should test your selection across multiple platforms before final implementation so that there is surety on this aspect. This is also important in terms of search engine results ranking of your website. There are many tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test or Browershots, which can help you with this typography testing process.

Be Clear About the Nature of Your Content

Before finalizing typography of your website, the target audience should be kept in mind. There should be a balance between sophistication and simplicity so that simplicity and elegance are maintained.

Choose Simple Fonts and Font Size

All these exercises are aimed towards finalizing a simple and elegant font which meets your requirements. The number of fonts should be kept to a minimum and typography stylizing limited to the headers and titles only. The font’s size should also be easy on the eyes and readable in small letters clearly.

Tools to Find the Perfect Font

The following tools will help you to finalize the best fonts suited to your website. All these plugins do not require any additional coding or technical knowledge.

Use Any Fonts

This typography plugin will allow the usage of an unlimited number of fonts on your website. This plugin works seamlessly with all browsers and uploads from the WordPress Editor. The fonts are stored on your own server for faster access. The plugin also supports different font formats.


This plugin will provide extra functionalities to the default WordPress font options. The Fonts plugin will add two drop-down menus to the default Visual Editor of WordPress, giving access to more fonts and its properties.

Easy Google Fonts

This plugin will add Google Fonts to your default WordPress Editor. Together with the Live Customizer, you will be able to preview changes in real time before publishing. You may choose from over 600 fonts, even add own font controls in the Admin area of WordPress. This plugin provides a perfect option for changing the fonts of your website without changing the whole theme.

All these basic yet powerful typography implementations will transform your website into a pleasing browsing experience for the viewers.

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