Top Reasons For You To Use WordPress

Top Reasons to Answer ‘Why Use WordPress?’

Can you answer ‘Why use WordPress?’ WordPress is evidently the most common website publishing platform in the world, and there are various reasons why you should think about employing it for your next website. Driving 32% of the world’s websites, WordPress’ supremacy is due to its adaptability, and the fact that it can function as the backend for regular blogs, eCommerce websites, and also static web pages.

WordPress is free and open-source software that everyone can download and utilize. If offers the bare bones for any type of website you can conceive – but is WordPress proper for you? If you host your individual website, then it possibly is. 

Big Question: Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is easily manageable, but if some mistake occurs, novices may witness confusion in the matter of attending to the platform’s constituent parts. Those who already have acquaintance with handling their personal site, however, will be simply fine.

For experienced site owners, these are the top reasons why WordPress should be the engine that drives your upcoming online project. So, all in all, you have ample reasons to answer why use WordPress? 


# 1 WordPress Is Extensively Supported

If you’re facing a problem with WordPress, odds are someone else has faced the same issue. There are lots of places to fall back on for support when you require assistance, including both the official forum as well as WordPress help site, which is packed with helpful information. There are also loads of YouTube videos, blogs, and businesses offering customer support to guide you on your WordPress venture.

Numerous web hosts also possess useful WordPress support pages, which contain exclusive tips about dealing with the portions of WordPress that engage with the infrastructure of the web host. So, now you must be knowing why use WordPress? 

# 2 You Can Select A Web Host

As you’ve probably found out by now, WordPress permits you to host your personal site. This is a major benefit for sophisticated users who don’t like the limitations of, which restricts site customizations.

Selecting your individual host also implies you can move providers and/or hosting plans as the traffic and storage orders on your site grow.

Whereas any web hosting plan will perform to begin, many of the leading web hosts present tailored plans for WordPress sites. These plans generally have features like automatic WordPress updates, and occasionally additional features like email marketing. If you desire a WordPress hosting plan, it benefits to shop around.

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# 3 Plugins Insert Functionality And Improvements

The jewel in the crown of WordPress constitutes the abundance of plugins it presents, which improve the functionality of users’ sites. Most installs of WordPress carry an anti-comment spam plugin pre-installed, while you can include features like Jetpack for website statistics and performance.

Other favorites comprise plugins to insert user registration (for sites that wish to add visitor subscription), eCommerce backing for selling items online, VaultPress for mechanical backups, and MailChimp for inserting a newsletter membership form to your site. There are countless free and freemium WordPress plugins, along with paid plugins from private companies and self-reliant developers.

You can surf WordPress plugins by demand, and see their user rating and the number of times they’ve been installed. So, now you believe in the big question ‘Why Use WordPress?’ 

# 4 WordPress Is SEO-Oriented


WordPress is already ready for search engine optimization (SEO). Plugins, nevertheless can further advance your site’s search engine chances. A common option is Yoast, which can evaluate SEO of a new post and assist you to improve the probability of finer results from Google and various search engines. Yoast also has a comprehensive guide on its portal, directing you through the process of enhancing your complete WordPress site’s SEO.

There are also multiple plugins you can employ apart from Yoast to boost your SEO game. For instance, Google XML Sitemaps, builds a sitemap with the XML markup language to render your site more legible by Google.

# 5 Customizable Themes

A fesh WordPress installation will start with an elementary site design. It includes a sample blog post, simple site title, a comments segment, a post archive segment, and some other parts. Sufficient to say, a small number of people leave their WordPress site as is, since it’s extremely generic.

That’s where themes get in. Themes are single-click solutions that entirely overhaul the appearance of your site. They are also customizable, implying you can customize your selected theme to isolate it from the multitude of other users who appreciated the same design.

There are many free themes, and a latest WordPress install arrives with some basic choices. WordPress also highlights a theme marketplace right within the CMS, while many web designers will present their services to design a custom theme that meets your specifications.

WordPress theme libraries, like ThemeForest, enable you to purchase, download and entirely customize WordPress themes with no limitations. So, now you believe in the big question ‘Why Use WordPress?’ 

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# 6 WordPress Is Free


WordPress provides plenty of support options, greater customizability than expected by you, and stacks of website tools through plugins. It’s an amazing system, and the basic platform is totally free in 2 extremely important ways.

Initially, WordPress is open source software, implying anyone can view its source code. Actually, anyone who possesses the ability and knowledge could also change it if they wanted, and redistribute the source code by themselves. While many people won’t even care to see the code, the fact that anyone can read and locate defects increases the security of WordPress, and inspires the platform to include latest features.

Most eCommerce platforms out there are actually “closed gardens” Maning their source code is not visible to anyone installing it. Some of these platforms are really common such as Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. They all have themes and plugins just like WordPress and some of them even have tools you can use that can detect the themes being used on other sites.

Above that, WordPress won’t cost you anything, without any one-timeor monthly fees needed to install the platform. You simply download it, and it becomes yours.

# 7 Most Web Hosts Present One-Click Installs

Many web hosts (like HostGator and Bluehost) provide one-click installs, making it extremely simple to begin with your latest site. You’ll still need to assign time tweaking your theme and installing plugins, but getting started and running is comparativel fast and easy.

You can discover one-click WordPress installs on most leading web hosts,along with specialized VPS providers like Digital Ocean. However, prior to signing up, ensure that a one-click WordPress install is existing. Else, you’ll get stuck fixing your personal LAMP stack, along with setting up your individual MySQL database. So, now you believe in the big question ‘Why Use WordPress?’ 

# 8 Many Users Can Add To A Website

If you desire multiple users updating a website, including new users is simple as pie. You simply launch the WordPress CMS, move to the Users segment, and include a new user. These people then obtain their personal username and password, which can be suspended or deleted by the administrators if necessary. You can also allocate users specific roles,  like Editor, Author, Contributor, or Administrator.

Contributor is possibly the finest option to utilize for most people. It permits others to contribute their personal posts, but they cannot remove them, nor can they be published. That will imply additional work for the editor or administrator, but it’s more beneficial than offering people permissions they don’t require.

# 9 The Cool Kids Employ It

WordPress isn’t only for people attempting to launch a fanfic website or an Etsy subsidiary business. It’s also a popular option for celebs – superstars like Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, and Chris Brown are all staggering WordPress sites, while if music stars don’t appeal to you, chess legend Garry Kasparov is also an admirer.

# 10 Earn Revenue From Your Websites

Top Reasons For You To Use WordPress

You can quickly earn a substantial amount of passive revenue from your WordPress portals. WordPress websites permit you to monetize your websites. That implies you can now earn revenue by placing ads.

Apart from advertisements, money can also be earned in lieu of promotions. Affiliate marketing is another means to draw income. WordPress is a superb place to begin your online business. It contains all types of materials needed.


WordPress is the most prevalent CMS platform in the world.

This guide has surely convinced you that didn’t occur by mistake. It isn’t important whether you’re devising your initial website without any experience, or whether you’re a master developer – you should be employing WordPress for your website.

No other content management system deserves such high recommendation as WordPress.

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