Optimizing WooCommerce Store with the WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter Plugin

WooCommerce comes with basic filter widgets that enable customers to search for products based on attributes, price, and reviews. However, these filters require customers to click a button and reload the page to apply the filters. Additionally, the display options are limited to checkboxes or dropdown menus. Using the WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin, you can enhance your store’s filtering capabilities with dynamic AJAX-powered filters that allow customers to refine their product searches without reloading the page.

Fortunately, WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter offer a more user-friendly and professional solution. These plugins instantly display filtered search results without the need for page reloads. They also provide a wider range of filter styles and options for filtering based on various product data.

Top WooCommerce AJAX filter plugin: WooCommerce Product Filters

To help you choose the best WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin for your store, we have tested numerous popular options and selected the top ones in the market. This article or video provides expert guidance on selecting the right plugin for your specific needs.

1. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Without proper assistance, finding the right product in an e-commerce store can be incredibly challenging for users. Research indicates that 75% of users will leave a shop if they cannot locate what they need within 15 seconds. To enhance customer loyalty and boost sales, it’s crucial to simplify the product search and selection processes.

The key point is this: if users cannot filter products effectively, they will struggle to find what they’re looking for quickly. And if they cannot find it, they are unlikely to make a purchase.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter enables users to filter products based on their preferences (such as category, size, color, brand, price, and more). Within seconds, they can pinpoint exactly what they want to buy. This tool streamlines the purchase process, guides customers to their ideal products, and enhances your online shop’s conversion rate.

Our plugin is suitable for any type of store, particularly those with extensive catalogs and numerous products that could overwhelm customers and lead to lost sales.

Key Features:

  • Ensure seamless display compatibility with all screen resolutions.
  • Create an unlimited number of sliders to feature your products.
  • Effortlessly filter the products you wish to include in each slider.
  • Highlight specific product categories within the slider.
  • Choose from a variety of high-quality graphic templates to enhance the visual appeal of your slider.

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2. AJAX Products Filter- WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

AJAX Products Filter
WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

If your focus is on integrating WooCommerce AJAX filter widgets into your store, BeRocket’s filter plugin is a strong contender. The AJAX Products Filter plugin includes all the essential filter options required for an e-commerce store.

With this plugin, you can incorporate a variety of customizable AJAX filter widgets. These widgets can be positioned above the product table or in the left or right sidebar, enhancing customer navigation.

Key Features:

  • Multiple filter layouts: Choose from various filter layouts such as range sliders, images, color swatches, etc. You can mix and match filter layouts on each page.
  • Widget display options: Display filters above or beside the product list, providing a unique shopping experience. You’re not restricted to using right or left sidebar widgets only. Filters can also be displayed in-line above products, collapsed to titles only, or collapsed into a button.
  • SEO-friendly filter URLs: Easily customize your filter URL structure. Use pointer words instead of IDs for better search engine understanding.
  • Control filter values: Select which attribute values to include or exclude from your filters. When combined with the Custom Slug add-on, you can use the same filter multiple times with different values on the same page.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Table: The BeRocket’s WooCommerce AJAX filter plugin can be used alone or with the WooCommerce Product Table.

The plugin is popular and effectively performs the WooCommerce AJAX filter function. However, its user interface is not very intuitive, making it slightly more challenging to use compared to some other plugins I tested.

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3. Product Filters for WooCommerce- WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Product Filters para WooCommerce- WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

This particular option is an extension listed on the official WooCommerce.com site and developed by the WooCommerce team. The primary function is to filter WooCommerce products using various product attributes, which Product Filters for WooCommerce accomplishes efficiently.

The plugin faces several issues, such as pagination problems and PHP memory errors. While it effectively implements the WooCommerce AJAX filter feature, it offers fewer features compared to other tools listed above. This likely contributes to its lower user rating.

Key Features:

  • Instant filtered search with AJAX technology: Enable customers to quickly filter products by categories, attributes, tags, taxonomies, price, and stock status.
  • Multiple filter styles: Customers can interact with the filtering interface using a price range slider, checkbox list, radio list, dropdown, color list, box list, text list, and others.
  • Adaptive product count and thumbnails: Set the total product count to change each time a product filter is applied. Thumbnails can also adapt to the selected filter combination.

Compared to other more widely used filter plugins, the features offered by this plugin are rather limited.

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4. Power Filters- WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Power Filters- WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Power Filters is another WooCommerce AJAX filter plugin that excels in handling core filtering functions. However, it offers limited additional features beyond this core functionality.

The plugin primarily adds the AJAX filtering feature to your site and allows customization of how filters are displayed. It effectively accomplishes its primary task quickly and easily.

Key Features:

  • Customize filter layout: Choose from various layout options for your filters, such as swatches, tiles, checklists, and more. You can set a different layout for each filter, including individual attributes, giving you complete control over your shop page’s appearance.
  • Choose where to display product attributes: Among other advanced customization options, you can display relevant information such as colors, sizes, and attributes directly below the thumbnail on your shop page. This information can also be placed below the price for each product, tailored to fit your specific needs, providing customers with a quick and convenient way to learn about product features.

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5. Facet- WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

FacetWP- WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Our final selection for this list is a versatile WordPress plugin that goes beyond WooCommerce and e-commerce products. FacetWP can also be used to filter other types of non-e-commerce content, making it a multi-purpose tool.

In this plugin, product filters are referred to as facets, and there is a wide variety of them available for use. FacetWP is a feature-rich tool, which can make its setup and utilization somewhat challenging. However, it is highly popular and reputable, so you can easily find help online. Additionally, the plugin’s knowledge base offers plenty of actionable information.

Key Features:

  • Robust selection of UI choices: FacetWP provides a range of user interface (UI) elements, including checkboxes, maps, and sliders, that can be seamlessly integrated into your design. These elements offer a visually appealing and user-friendly way to search and filter content on your website.
  • Works with other WordPress content: FacetWP indexes all your site’s existing data, including custom fields.
  • Highly developer-friendly: Developers can leverage the plugin’s numerous hooks to achieve a high level of customization.

Get Started with WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Implementing WooCommerce AJAX filter plugins can significantly enhance the user experience on any WooCommerce store, enabling customers to easily search and filter through a large number of products. The best AJAX product filter plugins for WooCommerce offer a variety of search features and display options.

If you’re looking to enhance your store with a top-notch AJAX filter plugin, we highly recommend WooCommerce Product Filters. This plugin allows you to:

  • Filter unlimited products based on any type of product data
  • Choose from multiple filter styles
  • Provide seamless navigation on mobile devices
  • Benefit from market-leading indexing and performance
  • Combine it with other powerful WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and themes
  • For even more functionality, consider combining the plugin with our second pick, WooCommerce Product
  • Table. This allows you to filter multiple products and add them to the cart from a single page.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Get your copy of Product Filters today and let your customers start enjoying the benefits of WooCommerce AJAX filters immediately!

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