WordPress Hashtag Plugin

WordPress Hashtag Plugin – The Definitive Guide

What is the WordPress hashtag plugin? Have you ever seen people use hashtags in a social media post? Well, this article will help you understand the basic use of hashtags in a community website.

In order to maximize your reach and engagement, you need to ensure that every single person who reads your post has access to your website. This means that you need to optimize your URL structure and add tags to your posts.

But how do you get started? There are tons of plugins available, but most of them aren’t worth using because they either don’t work properly or they cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, we’ve found the perfect solution for you. It’s called the WordPress Hashtag plugin, and it does everything you’d expect from a hashtag plugin. This plugin will help you create engaging hashtags that will allow you to target specific audiences and build relationships with influencers.

What is the WordPress Hashtag Plugin?

WordPress Hashtag Plugin
WordPress Hashtag Plugin

BuddyPress Hashtags is a premium WordPress Hashtag plugin that allows your community members to post using hashtags. Using hashtags is not only beneficial for your members but it also helps you increase the ranking of your community website. It is very simple and easy to use. Click on any post to find the hashtag. This informal description will help you understand the details.

Hashtags are short text pieces that are placed under posts to help organize them into conversations. These tags are used frequently in blogs, forums, Q&A websites, as well as social media platforms like Instagram. If your community site allows users to comment, hashtags can help increase its visibility.

What is the purpose of using the WordPress Hashtag Plugin?

People use hashtags because they want their content to be noticed. Popular topics are more likely to be shared. You can reach a wider audience if your posts are tagged with relevant hashtags.

BuddyPress Hashtags are everything, you might require to run an SEO-friendly community website. Do you include hashtags in your social media posts? If yes, then you might as well want to include hashtags. Hashtags allow you to check relevant posts easily. For instance, if you are searching for some particular event of a birthday party, you can search #birthdayparty and find out all the recent posts mentioning a birthday party.

There are many ways hashtags can be used, as we have already mentioned. Here are some examples.

1) Include a hashtag in every post that you publish to let others know about the topics you are discussing.

2) Use hashtags to reply to another person’s comment.

3) To attract more attention, tag your photos with hashtags.

4) Make a list of hashtags that are related to your niche. Use them when you write a blog post.

5) Use hashtags for searching for similar articles.

6) Use hashtags for following trending topics

7) Use hashtags to join conversations

8) Use hashtags for keeping up to date with current events.

9) Use hashtags for the promotion of your business.

10) Use hashtags for advertising your products.

WordPress Hashtag Plugin – The Definitive Guide

Have you used hashtags while posting on a social media platform like Instagram? Well, this plugin provides the same very hashtag functionality in your online community website. BuddyPress Hashtags are easy-to-setup and super user-friendly. They even fit well with the theme of your online community website. Here is a definitive guide to the robust hashtag plugin:

Front-End POV

WordPress Hashtag Plugin
WordPress Hashtag Plugin

When you use a “#” before any word, that particular word will be considered a hashtag. You can even search posts throughout the community using hashtags. Multi-language support is also provided with Hashtag Plugin.

Back-End POV

WordPress Hashtag Plugin has an easy-to-use back-end interface that has switch on/off settings to set up hashtags.

General Settings

  • Allow non-alphanumeric hashtags – You can disable this option if your community does not require multilingual support.
General Settings
General Settings
  • Minimum hashtag length – You can set up a minimum length for hashtags using this setting.
  • Disable hashtags on bbPress – The WordPress hashtag plugin also supports bbPress, you can enable/disable the use of hashtags in bbPress through this setting.
General Settings
General Settings
  • Disable hashtags for blog posts – You can enable/disable the use of hashtags in blog posts through this setting.

Hashtag Logs

All the hashtags used by the members, community admins, and the community owner will be stored in hashtag logs. You can find out which hashtags are getting popular by scanning the logs. Additionally, you can delete the hashtags if you want to.

Hashtag Logs
Hashtag Logs

Warning: Deletion of Hashtag will also delete those BuddyPress activities which contain corresponding Hashtag.



This plugin also provides you with shortcodes to insert hashtags on different sections of your community website.

Closing Thoughts – BuddyPress Hashtag Plugin

In conclusion, hashtags are extremely useful when using social networking websites like online communities. They allow users to search for specific topics within their own posts, which makes finding information much easier than if you had to go through each post individually.

For example, if you wanted to find all the posts related to #health, you could simply type that into the search bar and see all the results come back. Hashtags also make searching even easier because you can use keywords instead of long phrases. So, next time you have a question about anything from dieting to exercise, try adding a hashtag to your status update. You never know when someone else might be looking for exactly what you’re asking! And, it helps boost engagement in your online community website!

Well, that’s all with the WordPress Hashtag Plugin, you can contact our support team to know more about the same. Thanks for reading.

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