WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

5 Best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins for Seamless Order Fulfillment

Looking for a plugin that allows customers to select the delivery date for their WooCommerce store purchases? Look no further than these top WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins, carefully selected to meet your needs.

We’ve curated a list of the five best WooCommerce delivery date plugins, all designed to give your customers the option to choose a delivery time or date during the ordering process on your WooCommerce store.

Customers can select their preferred delivery time or date, change the shipment date if needed, and even choose the courier for delivery. These plugins are essential for handling such requirements efficiently!

Offering delivery date options is a crucial factor in influencing purchase decisions and can significantly impact your WooCommerce store’s conversion rate. So, let’s dive in and explore the five best WooCommerce delivery date plugins for your store.


Top WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

Check out our latest blog post featuring the five best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins, designed to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Offering discounts at checkout can also help increase visits to your WooCommerce site. For more on this, read our blog post on the top five WooCommerce bulk discount plugins.

1. YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date- WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

This is the perfect opportunity to increase your sales! Many customers refrain from purchasing items because they are often away from home or at work during delivery times. This hesitation can lead to them postponing their purchase indefinitely, resulting in lost sales opportunities.

with the YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin, you can re-engage this significant customer segment by offering them the flexibility to choose when and how they receive their purchased items. They can select the delivery date, time, and courier, overcoming the obstacles that previously prevented them from buying.

Store owners can create a delivery calendar to display available days and set a minimum shipping time frame. This plugin is ideal for recovering lost customers and providing specialized services such as gift and product delivery to customers’ homes.

With this plugin, customers can easily see how many days are left until they receive their items, modify the delivery date as needed, and choose their preferred courier. Admins can benefit from various features tailored to their shipping and delivery needs, including setting a minimum preparation time.

YITH Delivery Date revolutionizes the vendor-customer relationship, helping you establish a reliable shipping and delivery system that contributes to your business’s growth.

Key Features:

  • Specify the days of the week for order processing and dispatch.
  • Set the maximum delivery time for carriers.
  • Define processing and dispatch deadlines for each weekday.
  • Enable the “Quantity Table” mode for flexible use.
  • Create different tables for products and categories.
  • Add a tax label for time slot fees.
  • Display a delivery date message for individual products to carriers and customers.

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2. Iconic Delivery Slots for WooCommerce- WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins
WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

The WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins enable customers to view the estimated delivery date and select a convenient delivery date during checkout, enhancing your store’s user experience and conversion rate.

With this plugin, you can easily manage and adjust the estimated delivery times, as well as specify non-delivery days. You also can limit the number of deliveries and orders per day. For additional customization options, consider upgrading to the premium version, Order Delivery Date Pro.

One of the key features of this plugin is the ability to set a minimum delivery time in hours. You can also make the delivery date field mandatory on the checkout page, ensuring customers provide this essential information.

The plugin includes a built-in calendar for marking holidays and days when deliveries are not available. Additionally, you can disable delivery for certain product types, such as featured or virtual items.

Offering customers the option to select their preferred delivery date and time during checkout is crucial for encouraging purchases on your WooCommerce store.

Key Features:

  • Allows customers to choose a delivery date and time during checkout.
  • Option to disable deliveries on weekdays.
  • Specify a minimum delivery time in hours.
  • Make the delivery date and time fields mandatory on the checkout page.
  • Set daily limits for deliveries and orders.
  • Define delivery time slots for specific dates and days.
  • Option for customers to select “as soon as possible” delivery.
  • Disable delivery for featured and virtual products.
  • Customize delivery date field labels as needed.

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3. Estimated Delivery Date Plugin For WooCommerce- WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins


Estimated Delivery Date Plugin For WooCommerce
WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

The Estimated Delivery Date Plugin for WooCommerce offers a straightforward solution for providing customers with an estimated number of days for their package to arrive. Before making an online purchase, buyers often seek a tentative arrival date for their order, a crucial factor in their decision-making process. As a store owner, you wouldn’t want to lose a customer simply because this information wasn’t readily available on your website.

This plugin seamlessly displays the estimated delivery date on various pages, including the Product page, Shop page, Cart, and Checkout. Its standout feature is the range of rules that can be combined to generate WooCommerce delivery date estimates.

Key Features of the Delivery Estimates Plugin for WooCommerce:

  • Displays Delivery Estimates: Shows estimated delivery dates on various pages including the product page, cart page, checkout page (per product/per order), theme mini-cart widget, and shop page.
  • Flexible Delivery Date Setting: Allows setting delivery dates based on locations using WooCommerce shipping zones, product types using WooCommerce shipping classes, and WooCommerce flat rate, free shipping, or third-party shipping methods.
  • Customizable Date Formats: Display delivery dates in preferred date formats.
  • Selectable Time Slots: Set suitable time slots available for delivery.
  • Holiday Management: Create a list of holidays for your WooCommerce store to exclude from delivery dates.
  • Working Days Configuration: Choose working days for your store, determining when deliveries can be made.
  • Shipment Deliverable Days: Select shipment deliverable days for customers to choose from.
  • Customizable Display Text: Customize the display text to match your store’s branding and language.

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4. WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time- WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time is a convenient WooCommerce plugin extension that allows customers to select their desired delivery date and time during the checkout process. Store admins can also create a list of pickup locations for customers who prefer to collect their orders themselves. Customers can provide special instructions for their orders through the plugin.

Store admins have the flexibility to manage delivery dates and times from the individual order page. They can modify the delivery details and notify the customer via email. The plugin is easy to set up, requiring no complex configurations. It seamlessly integrates with your theme’s styling, so you don’t have to worry about any design inconsistencies.

Purchase the plugin to discover its full potential, and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

Key Features:

  • Provide customers with the option to choose between Home Delivery or Self Pickup.
  • Ensure compatibility with WooCommerce HPOS.
  • Enable the simultaneous use of delivery and pickup for laundry services.
  • Hide the plugin module for specific shipping methods, useful for local courier or postal service options.
  • Automatically enable or disable delivery and pickup based on WooCommerce Shipping settings.
  • Automatically adjust WooCommerce shipping methods based on the selected delivery or pickup option.
  • Organize orders by delivery details on the WooCommerce Orders Page.
  • Customize the language of the date selection calendar to facilitate customer date selection.
  • Sort orders by delivery/pickup date and time in Delivery Reports.
  • Access product quantity reports to determine the number of products needed for delivery or pickup preparation.

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5. Orderable- WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

Orderable- WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins
WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

This WooCommerce plugin is designed to streamline your online delivery process with essential features. It is fully customizable and easy to access, making it suitable for various delivery businesses, including food delivery and product delivery. The plugin is optimized for speed and is fully responsive, ensuring a smooth user experience without slowing down your site.

With this plugin, you can easily manage order and delivery dates without any additional charges. It is designed to be user-friendly, similar to an app, providing a great experience for customers. Customers can select their preferred delivery date based on their schedule. You can also set specific times for accepting orders for delivery.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Delivery Dates: Allow customers to choose their preferred delivery dates during checkout.
  • Flexible Order Scheduling: Set specific times for accepting orders for delivery, ensuring efficient order management.
  • Product Availability Notification: Highlight products that are in your store or available for a limited time, increasing visibility and sales.
  • Holiday Schedule: Enable customers to specify if they do not wish to receive orders on holidays, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Control Over Checkout Process: Manage payment methods, delivery fees, and tipping options to customize the checkout experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, providing a seamless experience for customers similar to using an app.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures compatibility with various devices and screen sizes, offering a consistent experience for all users.

Conclusion on WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

Elevate the functionality of your WooCommerce store with these advanced Delivery Date Plugins, specially crafted to offer customers a more personalized and convenient shopping experience. These plugins go beyond basic delivery options, providing features that allow customers to select specific delivery dates and times that suit their schedules.

By integrating these plugins, customers gain the flexibility to choose their preferred delivery dates, modify shipment dates if needed, select their preferred courier service, and receive estimated delivery times. This level of customization and transparency not only enhances customer satisfaction but also instills confidence in their purchasing decisions.

If you’re looking to boost customer service and satisfaction on your WooCommerce site, these top-tier WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins are indispensable tools.

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